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Essence of wisdom was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Essence of wisdom detail

Essence of wisdom is an item that could be won from Treasure Hunter between 1 August and 8 August 2014. It could be scattered to create a totem of wisdom that provided 100% bonus experience until it ran out of charges. It provided as much bonus experience as would be received from a prismatic small fallen star. It appears as if the bonus experience pool is approximately what it would be if a small star were used as an average level of all of the user's skills (all skills added together, divided by 26). No experience from the bonus experience pool will be used while a totem was active.

Totem of wisdom

A totem of wisdom.

The totem of wisdom allowed other players to attune to an individual player's totem to receive bonus experience, while giving the owner of the totem a 4% bonus to experience per player attuned to it. The maximum amount of experience an owner of a totem could receive was 20%, and up to ten players could have been attuned to one totem at any given time.

Players attuned to this totem would receive bonus experience equal to 10% of how much experience the owner gained from the totem. The skill chosen is the same skill as the owner trained while the totem was active.

Previously when a totem ran out of experience and there was another essence of wisdom in the player's inventory, the totem would automatically recharge itself with the following message:
Your totem has been recharged with [EXP] XP using an essence of wisdom.

Attempting to use the essence of wisdom during a bonus XP weekend would yield the message "You can't summon a totem when you're getting double XP."

When a totem was active it had a limited range in which it was effective. If the player moved outside its range the totem would be destroyed and any bonus lost.

As of 7 April 2015, players can convert this item into pulse cores. However, totems of wisdom can no longer be summoned. As of 26 June 2015, two essence of wisdom are converted into one advanced pulse core instead.

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