Gilly Willikers chathead
Essjay only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Essjay chathead

Essjay is a character who appeared in the Diamond Jubilee, and plays a part in the fourth Cryptic Clue fest. She is Big Ben's assistant. It is mentioned in the second Behind the Scenes video that she is part of the Gielinor Tourist Board.


  • Big Ben's character is based on Mod MMG. Essjay, who serves as Big Ben's assistant, is in turn based on Mod MMG's personal assistant, Mod SJ. Sounding out "SJ" produces "ess-jay".
  • Mod SJ is also the main organiser of RuneFest.
  • She is one of a few characters to have broken the fourth wall, by showing her knowledge of the RuneScape Official Forums.
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