Event mystery box (Deathbeard's Demise) detail

Event mystery boxes are rewards from the Deathbeard's Demise seasonal event. Two event mystery boxes are awarded for turning in 4,000 phantom doubloons to Captain Deathbeard, and two big event mystery boxes are awarded for turning in 6,000. Alternatively, 250 phantom doubloons can be directly converted into a mystery box (at the expense of not progressing further in the event, however).

It can be opened for a random selection of rewards, and it is destroyed upon opening. Four empty inventory spaces are required to open it.


Special rewards

These thematic rewards may be obtained by opening an event mystery box throughout the duration of the event.

Pirate sheep
Walk the Plank emote
Two-handed swordfish
Jolly Roger cape
Ship's wheel shield
Crate o' peg legs
Crate o' fake beards
Pirate titles pack 1
Pirate titles pack 2

Standard rewards

Three or four of the following are rewarded.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Small prismatic lampSmall prismatic lamp1UncommonNot sold
Medium prismatic lampMedium prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Large prismatic lampLarge prismatic lamp1UncommonNot sold
Prismatic small fallen starPrismatic small fallen star1UncommonNot sold
Prismatic medium fallen starPrismatic medium fallen star1CommonNot sold
Prismatic large fallen starPrismatic large fallen star1UncommonNot sold
Advanced pulse coreAdvanced pulse core2RareNot sold
Small cash bagSmall cash bag1UncommonNot sold
Medium cash bagMedium cash bag1RareNot sold
Large cash bagLarge cash bag1RareNot sold
Small dungeoneering token boxSmall dungeoneering token box1UncommonNot sold
Medium dungeoneering token boxMedium dungeoneering token box1CommonNot sold
Spirit rubySpirit ruby1UncommonNot sold
Spirit diamondSpirit diamond1UncommonNot sold
Tight springTight spring50RareNot sold
Silverhawk down 5Silverhawk down25RareNot sold
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone2UnknownNot sold
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