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Evil Bob is an evil cat who lives on ScapeRune, and he is also the exact opposite of Bob the Jagex Cat. He wears a Man speak amulet, which is how players are able to converse with him without the need for a Catspeak amulet.

Evil Bob can be found on an island accessible through the Fairy ring code CIS. If chatted to, he will demand the player catch and uncook him some fish, although the player is free to leave at any time if they wish. If he is fed the uncooked fish, he will fall asleep. He also makes an appearance when players chat to the Mysterious Old Man, who will get abducted by him. Evil Bob also has a small cameo in Recipe for Disaster, where he kidnaps Osman.


Evil Bob was previously a Random Event, and could randomly appear and teleport players to either his island or his prison in ScapeRune, which resembled the Falador Party Room

When sent to Evil Bob's Island, players had to catch cooked fish and uncook them for Evil Bob. A servant would give you hints as to what to do to put Evil Bob to sleep. When players were sent to the prison with Prison Pete, they would have to pop specific balloon animals in order to escape.



  • When you use any cooked fish from outside ScapeRune on Evil Bob, he will say: "What's that? I don't know what kind of fish you eat in your world, but that smells absolutely vile. Go catch me some real fish, my other servant will tell you what I like."
  • Evil Bob also mentions the cheery old chicken, the ScapeRune alter-ego of the evil chicken
  • Prior to the Random Event update, the reward from the Prison Pete event were Coins and/or grimy herbs (including Grimy Snapdragons), and the reward for Evil Bob's Island was magic or fishing experience.
  • A glitch caused Evil Bob's name to show up as "rame_evil_bob_outside_multi" when kidnapping the Mysterious old Man, but this has been fixed.


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