Evil Chicken's Lair mine
Evil Chicken mine
Release date 15 March 2006 (Update)
Location Eastern Evil Chicken's Lair, in Zanaris
Members Yes
Rocks 4 iron, 4 coal, 3 silver, 4 gold, 2 mithril
Monsters Black Dragons (outside mine's entrance)
Requirements Part of Recipe for Disaster (Freeing Sir Amik Varze)
Main music Unknown edit
Evil Chicken's Lair map

The Evil Chicken's Lair mine is a mining site found in the Evil Chicken's Lair, a small cave accessible through the Chicken Shrine in Zanaris. To access the mine, players must have reached a certain point in Freeing Sir Amik Varze, a subquest of Recipe for Disaster.

To access the lair and thus, the mine itself, players must offer a raw chicken to the Evil Chicken's shrine in northern Zanaris each visit. The lair's entrance houses several black dragons, so to reach the mine safely, an anti-dragon shield and possibly the protect from melee prayer are usually used. The black dragons will not enter the mine itself, which is found in a small chamber east of the entrance.

The mine contains a variety of minable rocks, including 4 iron, 4 coal, 3 silver, 4 gold, and 2 mithril. The bank in western Zanaris can be used to store any ore mined in the area.

This mine isn't usually crowded but banking is a still a bit dangerous. 1 shark in your inventory is recommended if you are a low levelled player because the black dragons could do hefty damage to your health.

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