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* Redo the following chores.
* Try to redo the following chores, (which will break the broom, knife and dishes).
** Sweep the rug.
** Sweep the rug.
** Wash the dishes.
** Wash the dishes.

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This is the quick guide for Evil Dave's Big Day Out.
For a more in-depth version, click here.


Start pointQuest map icon
Evil Dave's Big Day Out icon
Speak to Evil Dave in his Basement of Doom
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • An empty inventory.
  • No familiar or pet summoned.
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Getting startedEdit

  • Go to the Basement of Doom, located under a house west of Edgeville bank.
  • Talk to Evil Dave. (Chat 11)
  • After the cutscene, admire the mirror to the west.
  • Go upstairs and talk to Doris.

Chores of doomEdit

  • Do your chores.
    • Search the wardrobe for a broom and bed bug cleaner.
    • Sweep the rug.
    • Search the shelf for a bar of soap.
    • Wash the dishes.
    • Right-click take knife from the sink.
    • Chop the vegetables.
    • Go downstairs and clean your bed.
  • After the cutscene go back upstairs and talk to Doris.
  • Go back downstairs and search the bookcase by the stairs. (Chat 2)
  • Search behind the boiler.
  • Search the drapes by the bed.
  • Investigate Dave's spellbook.
  • Investigate it again and teleport to the Makeover Mage. (Chat 1)

Making a withdrawalEdit

  • Talk to the banker Kara or Chris and withdraw the law rune, stew, and old rug from Dave's bank.
  • Talk to a Grand Exchange clerk Clark. (Chat 3)
  • Drink the stew and exit the Grand Exchange to the east.
  • Fill the flask from any of the two water fountains.
  • Go back to the clerk and give him the water flask.

Double troubleEdit

  • Teleport to the makeover mage and ask to turn into a girl.
  • After you teleport back, talk to Doris. (Chat ~~~)
  • Try to redo the following chores, (which will break the broom, knife and dishes).
    • Sweep the rug.
    • Wash the dishes.
    • Chop the vegetables.
  • Open the door and go north to the general store.(Chat 1)
  • Trade the shopkeeper to get all the repaired supplies.
  • Redo all the chores again.
    • Sweep the rug.
    • Wash the dishes.
    • Chop the vegetables.
    • Go downstairs and clean your bed.
  • After the cutscene, go upstairs and talk to Doris
  • Open the door. (Chat 21)

Sneaking inEdit

  • Search the suit of armour for a knight's helmet.
  • Search the crates for some gunpowder.
  • Use the gunpowder on the helmet.
  • Pickup the hand-written note and use it on the helmet.
  • Use the helmet with fuse on the torch on the wall.
  • Get close to the guard and throw the lit decoy bomb.
  • Sneak past the guards (the easiest way is to go past them once the second guard turns east).
  • Give Sir Amik the drink he requests 5 times. If you have trouble completing this part, take a drink, drop it, take one again and before the time runs out use loot area to grab them; you will be able to stack the drinks hence having more chance to complete this part.
  • Talk to Doris. (Chat ~~)

Busted againEdit

  • Redo your chores again
    • Sweep the rug
    • Wash the dishes
    • Chop the vegetables
    • Go downstairs and clean your bed


  • Talk to Felicity or Margaret the hellrats.
  • Recruit any 3 of the other hellrats.
  • Climb up the stairs to get to Shantay Pass.
  • Talk to Shantay.
  • Shake the coconut tree and pick up a coconut.
  • Use the coconut on Shantay.
  • Click the empty shell to add a hellrat to it.
  • Climb up the rope on the wall by the guards and throw the shell-rat.
  • Climb back down and open the Jail door and hand the Shady man the coconut drink.
  • Talk to him to receive a jewel.
  • Talk to the border guards to exchange the jewel for a rope.
  • Use the rope on the coconut tree.
  • Search the barrel inside of the jail cell to take one, and add a hellrat to it.
  • Use the old rug (from your bank) on the barrel.
  • Roll the barrel past shantay pass.
  • Talk to Shantay.
  • Search the hole that has a slight twinkle to it.
  • As a hellrat, enter the sparkling holes. (You can also hover your mouse over the holes until you spot the hole with a little rat icon Hellrat icon next to it.)
  • Attempt to enter the mysterious entrance as a hellrat.
  • Enter the mysterious entrance.
  • Grab Dave from the empty cooking range.
  • Go to your bed.
  • Attempt to climb up the stairs.
  • Gather 5 hellrats.

Finishing upEdit

  • Talk to Doris.
  • Quest complete!


Evil Dave's Big Day Out reward
Music unlocked
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