This article is about the item. For the Summoning familiar, see Evil turnip (familiar).
Evil turnip detail

The evil turnip is a special vegetable grown in the turnip patch on the Draynor Manor grounds at level 42 Farming. The evil turnip seed will grow in 4 minutes 30 seconds. When picked, it gives 46 Farming experience. Once the turnip is fully grown it can be carved with a knife, into a carved turnip and be used in Summoning to bring forth an evil turnip familiar, making the whole turnip much more expensive than the fractions of one.

Players can also eat the evil turnip, healing 641 life points per bite. The turnip has three bites for a total of 1923 life points healed per turnip.

Players can get them as a reward from Soul Wars by using the "Gamble" option. It is not suggested players use this function to get turnips, because it is unlikely they will receive very many at a time. Players can also get evil turnips from spirit implings and as a reward for cremating vyre corpses. The seeds can be obtained by trading in mole skins and receiving them from bird's nests.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Spirit implingN/A1Unknown


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