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An ex-parrot in a magic cage is an item consisting of an ex-parrot stored in a magical cage. The Ex-parrot can be removed if needed. After the Rocking Out quest, players will be able to raise an ex-ex-parrot, which is an ex-parrot brought back to life. An ex-ex-parrot is a pet, and requires level 71 Summoning to raise from the dead.

To bring the dead parrot back to life, players must first put the ex-parrot into the magical cage (at which point it pines woefully) and then use the cage on the slab with an image of a black mask engraved in it. The slab is found west of the cave horror dungeon entrance on Mos Le'Harmless. This will cause the ex-parrot in the magic cage to un-cease to be, turning it into an Ex-ex-parrot in a magic cage.

The slab is due west of the Cave Horror cave entrance.


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