The Executive Team are a group of Jagex employees responsible for running and administrating Jagex.


The role of the Executive Team is to run Jagex and command the other JMod Teams.


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod JZ Mod JZ N/A
Mod Mark Mod Mark British Design Director 2003[1]
David Osborne Mod Osborne British Lead Designer for RuneScape 2006
Mod Pips Mod Pips N/A CEO 2011


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in Left in
Constant Tedder Constant Tedder N/A CEO 2001 2007
Geoff Iddison Geoff Iddison N/A CEO 2007 2009
Mark Gerhard Mod MMG N/A CEO 2008 2014
N/A Mod Fetzki German Head of RuneScape 2005 2012
Mod Vince Mod Vince N/A Head of RuneScape 2008[2] 2009
Rod Cousens Rod Cousens British[3] CEO 2013 2017


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