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Explorer's aura was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

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A map of the accessed cave

The empty accessed cave

The explorer's aura is a reward for completing a single category during the 2015 RuneScape Road Trip. It can be activated for 5 minutes and resets at 00:00 UTC. Completing additional categories unlocks the higher tier greater, master, and supreme explorer's auras, providing 10, 20, and 30 minutes of active time respectively. After the aura is first unlocked, it will last for 30 days and will be usable once per day. If a new tier of the aura is unlocked, the aura can immediately be used again.

Once activated, the aura will direct a player to a portal a short distance away leading the player to a cave full of valuable monsters or resources, depending on the player's choice when activated. The portal may not appear in some instances; such as a player-owned house, Clan Citadel, or in centres of traffic, in which case you will have to run to the portal. Due to the limited aura time, it is recommended to fully prepare for the trip before activating the aura.

Due to the ability to leave the cave and load a new one, the greatest profit/experience is gained from leaving the cave and then quickly generating a new cave until you have the resources/monsters you want. Consume the resources/monsters as much as possible then reload. However, there is a cap on specific resources, after which the game will show: There are no more x worth salvaging on this x. You should return tomorrow. Reloading will not reset this limit. Up to 125 herbs can be picked per day. It should be noted that the type of resources are generally of the highest the player can find for the associated skill, such as Adamantite and Runite for Mining, and Yew and Magic trees for Woodcutting.

When the aura's timer ends, the player will automatically be teleported out of the cave. Any items on the ground or deployed traps will be lost.

30 days after it's been claimed, it disappears and gives the message: "Your Explorer's aura has expired."

Combat Stats
RequirementsAura equipped.png
NoneAura slot.png
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Resources cave

An example Resources cave

If the player chooses to enter a Resources cave, they will be teleported to a private cave containing several resources, as well as a bank chest and a deposit box. When the aura expires, the player will be automatically teleported back to the surface. The player may also chose to exit through the Mysterious door. If the player chooses to do this, the layout and content of the cave will change upon re-entry. This way, players have the ability to choose what resources they want to gather.

The resources that may spawn in a resource cave may include three of the following types:

Resources will spawn relating to 3 random skills. All resources, except for fishing spots, will deplete after a short time, but will respawn.

Monsters cave

An example Monsters cave

If the player chooses to enter a Monsters cave, they will be teleported to a private cave containing six monsters such as jogres, moss giants, skeletons, elves, waterfiends or rock lobsters, as well as a bank chest and a deposit box. When the aura expires, the player will NOT be teleported back to the surface to allow time to loot drops. The player may choose to exit through the Mysterious door.

The monsters will respawn when all are killed or after a certain interval, and will not respawn after the aura charge dies.


  • Before 26 May 2015 the aura had a 23 hour cooldown.
    • The same update also made the portal spawn inside the bank area, where the aura was activated, as opposed to about two minimaps in distance away.
  • When the aura runs out inside a resource dungeon, all chinchompas explode simultaneously.
  • Unlike the rock lobsters in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, the ones in the Monsters cave do not disguise themselves as rocks and are not aggressive.
  • Prior to a hidden update, the aura could be used anywhere on RuneScape. However, there was a bug with the Explorer's aura where many odd things could occur, such players being able to enter Araxxor's arena, even if the player limit was set to 1 or 2, although they did not carry over to the fight with Araxxi. As a result, the aura can only be used when a player is near an "official" banking area; places such as the Clan Citadel's gear box will not activate the aura.
  • As the resources are randomly generated in the dungeon, mining rocks and herblore patches may be stuck behind other resources, and cannot be obtained, similar to how resources could be found in inaccessible areas in Dungeoneering.
  • If you activate the explorer's aura while inside your player-owned port at the bank box in your workshop, the portal will spawn outside near the entrance portal for the port, rather than inside the port itself.
  • If you activate the aura, then enter an instance where the aura will not work, such as the Clan Citadel (i.e. You forgot to retrieve your Clan Avatar before activation), the aura will become unusable for the remainder of it's time.