Exquisite weapons concept art

Concept art for the weapons

The exquisite equipment is a group of 15 weapon types, with corresponding off-hands, and one shield, obtained from the Squeal of Fortune. They were available on the Squeal of Fortune from 31 May 2013 to 3 June 2013 as common prizes. Afterward they remained on the Squeal of Fortune, occasionally appearing as uncommon prizes. They are also still obtainable in Vic's Store for 100 credits each. Each weapon has two versions, requiring level 10 and level 40 in the skill required to wield it. To change the level of the weapon, place it in the inventory and select "Change exquisite ...". Obtaining a main-hand exquisite weapon automatically provides the corresponding off-hand version, with the off-hand going to Diango if there is not enough space in the player's bank. For players with less than level 40 in the required skill there is a fee of 1,000 gold to retrieve an exquisite weapon from Diango. When a player has level 40 or higher in the required skill, the fee is 10,000 gold to retrieve a weapon. Main-hand and off-hand weapons each have a retrieval fee.


  • Off-hand exquisite weapons were initially equippable by F2P players and were fully functional, meaning that for the first time F2P players could dual wield swords, maces, and other melee weapons. They still couldn't use members only abilities like Havoc, however. This was likely an oversight, as on 4 June 2013, the patch notes included a change which removed the off-hand exquisite weapon functionality on F2P worlds. F2P players could no longer equip off-hand exquisite weapons they won and examining them resulted in the phrase: "Login to a members' server to use this object." Any off-hand exquisite weapons equipped by F2P players before 4 June 2013 remained equipped, but no longer provide any combat bonuses and no longer play their attack animations. However, free-to-play players are now able to equip off-hand weapons once again.
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