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Fabric scraps are a currency used in the second part of the 2017 Valentine's Day event. They function in the same way as phantom doubloons and similar currencies:

  • They can be earned from almost any skilling action, or combat, every 3 minutes, or from completing daily challenges.
  • They can be stored in the currency pouch
  • Up to 1,000 can be earned per day, for a total of 14,000 over the whole event
  • 10,000 are required to earn all of the rewards, though they can be directly turned into event mystery boxes (250 each) or big event mystery boxes (500 each).
  • Two weeks after the end of the event, any remaining scraps will be converted into 10 coins each.


  • Crafting or Hunter: 27–33
  • All other non-combat skills: 22–27
  • Killing monsters: 25–30
  • Daily challenges: 74–90
  • Extended daily challenges: 148–180

Alternatively, fabric scraps can be bought for RuneCoins on the Seasonal Event interface Shop tab:

Fabric scraps RuneCoins Fabric scraps per RuneCoin Price in terms of bonds
500 45 11.1 4,369,267
2,500 240 10.4 23,302,757
5,000 385 13 37,381,506

When a player receives fabric scraps, they are notified with one of the following messages:

  • You find X fabric scraps and place them in your bank. (When there is no space in inventory and there are none in your currency pouch.)
  • You find X fabric scraps and place them in your inventory. (When there is space in inventory and there are none in your currency pouch.)
  • You find X fabric scraps. They are added to your currency pouch. (When there are some already in your currency pouch, or if found while Dungeoneering.)

This is followed by a filterable message:

  • You have gathered Y/1000 fabric scraps for today.

When you obtain your daily limit, the following are shown:

  • You have gathered 1000/1000 and have reached your gathering limit for today.
  • You can use an event extender token to increase your gathering limit per day. These are available for purchase from the event store.

Ironman players can obtain and convert fabric scraps just like regular players, but they will only receive cosmetic rewards and emotes. Once all cosmetic rewards and emotes have been claimed, Ironmen will no longer be able to convert additional fabric scraps.

There are several methods of idly collecting fabrics in Prifddinas, such as playing the harps in the Ithell district, balancing on the Serenity posts in the Hefin district, pickpocketing elven clan workers, mining Seren stones in the Trahaearn district or fishing at the Prifddinas Waterfall. Additionally, skilling in The Arc can be used as well for idle collection.


  • Even though the Seasonal Event interface listed Treasure Trails as a source of fabric scraps, they weren't awarded.
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