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The Factory outfit is a set of rewards from the Flash Powder Factory minigame. The whole set can be bought for a cost of 10,800 Brianpoints from Brian O'Richard or 1200 Thaler.

The full set can be stored in an armour case in the costume room of a player-owned house.

Image Item Brianpoints Thaler Bonus
Factory mask.png Factory mask 2,025 225 Improves luck while searching rubble in the factory, increasing the chance of finding an item
Factory top.png Factory top 3,150 350 +2 minutes per game
Factory trousers.png Factory trousers 2,475 275 3 extra Catalytic powder at start of game
Factory gloves.png Factory gloves 1,575 175 Enhances pickpocketing ability while in the factory by 10%
Factory boots.png Factory boots 1,575 175 Improves performance on obstacles within the factory, reducing their failure rates by 30%
Total 10,800 1,200 -

A player wearing the Factory Outfit

In addition to the above bonuses, wearing the full set in a game will give a 10% bonus to any score of 120 or over for a batch of powder (that is, it gives an additional 10% bonus when the current bonus is 20% or more.)

The factory outfit also gives a major bonus to Herblore:

Number of set pieces worn Effect
3/5 pieces 10% chance of creating 4-dose potions instead of 3-dose. This effect works with most tradeable potions, including juju potions, as well as overloads and extreme potions. This effect stacks with the 20% chance of making 4 dose prayer renewal potions while wearing Morytania legs 4 and also stacks with the 20% chance of making 4 dose super antifire while wearing the Desert amulet 4.
5/5 pieces Creating unfinished potions will give the same amount of experience as cleaning the relevant herb in addition to the 1 XP usually gained from creating an unfinished potion (though not for a spirit weed potion (unf)). The set will give 8 XP for making weapon poison+ (unf) and 8.75 XP for making weapon poison++ (unf), even though cactus spines and cave nightshade require no cleaning.