The Fairy Resistance Hideout is a secret location found during Fairy Tale Part II. Here the Fairy Queen and her loyal subjects are hiding from the Fairy Godfather, who has illegally taken control of Zanaris. During the quest, the player must help cure the queen and restore her to health. After the quest, the queen and her councillors are running the resistance to the Fairy Godfather and are planning their campaign to regain control of Zanaris.

This area is also a major location for Fairy Tale Part III, serving as a rendezvous point between the player and the Tooth Fairy.

Fairytale III start

The briefing room in the hideout.

Getting there

Players must have at least started Fairy Tale Part II and found Nuff's certificate. With the certificate in inventory, players can reach the hideout by using the Fairy rings in this sequence:

  1. AIR (to a small island)
  2. DLR (to another small island)
  3. DJQ (to nowhere)
  4. AJS (to the hideout)

The certificate is not needed after completing Fairy Tale Part III.

A map of the hideout

Fairy Resistance Hideout map

Fairy ring

This is the fairy ring that gives access to the hideout.

Medical room

This is where the player helps cure the queen during the quest. The room also has some medical tables, first aid boxes, and crutches (too big for fairies, though), all of which the player cannot use. Hurt, injured, and wounded fairies are found on several of the beds. (The player cannot talk to them.)

War room

This room contains a map table, some tactical map frames, and some wall maps. After the quest, the Fairy Queen is here with her Council of War, planning how to regain control of Zanaris. There is also a picture of the Fairy Godfather to the south and a projector, which the Tooth Fairy plays numerous briefing footage through. The Fairy Army general, the Tooth Fairy, is also present in this room.

Store room

This room contains many crates, barrels, and crates of wands. After the quest, the player can search the crates but will not find anything. It contains a few hammers and secateurs for use within Fairy Tale Part III.





  • You can see a little bit of Zanaris in the Northeast section of the Hideout. When viewed from the other side (Eastern-most side of the Zanaris general store), you can see the medical facility.
  • The hideout is shaped like a shamrock, a clover found in grass. This is also found near the Zanaris shed in Lumbridge Swamp.
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