Faiza chathead

Faiza is a former Slayer Master whose ghost is bound to the Sunken Pyramid. As a ghost, she requires either a ghostspeak amulet or completion of the Hard Morytania achievements to understand. When approached, she explains the Order of the Slayer Masters, a group dedicated to slaying dangerous beasts. Each member of the Order took on a disciple to train as their replacement in the Order, with each master taking on a new disciple. She offers adventurers the opportunity to start on the path to becoming Slayer Masters themselves, giving them the Slayer Codex and several Ushabti and explaining how the Sunken Pyramid can function as a specialist Slayer dungeon.

According to her dialogue, she was the wife of Catolax, the Slayer Master ghost in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. After Amascut slew Catolax and bound his ghost in his tomb, she travelled to the Sunken Pyramid, where she slew Faiza and bound her ghost to the pyramid.

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