Falador Mole Lair
Falador Mole Lair.png
Release date 7 March 2006 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members No
Main music The Mad Mole
Levels 1
Strongest monster Giant Mole (level 230)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Disallowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Mole
Falador Mole Lair map.png

The entrance to the lair.

The Falador Mole Lair is a dungeon located underneath Falador. It can be entered from Falador Park, in the northern part of the city. There is a large flower in which the lair can be entered (although a light source is no longer required as of 27 January 2014). It is home to the level 230 Giant mole, a gigantic mole whom was exposed to Malignius Mortifer's Super Ultra Flora Growth Potion, and her Baby moles.

The mole is often killed for her drops of mole claws and mole skins, which can be traded with Wyson for bird's nests. These bird's nests are different from those received from Woodcutting, and can also contain lower level Farming seeds.

To get out of this labyrinth, go to the northern end and exit through the roots. The player will return to Falador Park.


Music unlocked:


The way out of the lair.

  • Prior to the Holy Mole-y update, the lair had a lesser Summoning obelisk in it, and the entrance was one way. A rope could be found to the south of the cave, which allowed players to use the Falador Well as a one-way exit.
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