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This article is about the teleport spell. For the teleport tablet, see Falador teleport.
Falador Teleport
Falador Teleport icon
Release date Unknown edit
Members No
Level 37
Spellbook Normal
Type Teleport
Experience 48
Runes 1Law rune1Water rune3Air rune
Lectern Eagle
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File:Falador Teleport.png
Falador Teleport icon old

The old Falador Teleport icon.

Falador Teleport is a Magic spell that teleports the caster to Falador. It requires a Magic level of 37 to use, and grants 48 experience points, but it is unusable above level 20 Wilderness or when teleblocked.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using regular Magic.

Like all Magic spell icons, the Falador teleport icon was changed with the Run energy upgrade on 9 June 2009.[1]


3Air rune1Water rune1Law rune683
Combo runes
1Water rune1Law rune3Dust rune4,061
3Air rune1Law rune1Mud rune1,645
1Water rune1Law rune3Smoke rune3,251
3Air rune1Law rune1Steam rune1,550
1Law rune3Mist rune3,481
3Air rune1Law runeStaff of water664
1Water rune1Law runeStaff of air527
3Air rune1Law runeMud battlestaff664
3Air rune1Law runeSteam battlestaff664
1Law runeElemental battlestaff508
3Air rune1Water rune0.9Law runeLaw staff632.2
3Air rune1Law runeMystical staff (75)664
1Law runeAvernic wandTome of frost508


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