Falador achievements
Falador Tasks.png
Release date 10 October 2009 (Update)
Area Falador, Rimmington, Melzar's Maze, Mudskipper Point and Port Sarim
Members Yes
Reward Shield
Lamp rewards 1,000
Taskmasters Redbeard Frank, Chemist, Squire
Levels required
Total level:
Attack — Constitution — Mining —
Strength — Agility — Smithing —
Defence — Herblore — Fishing —
Ranged — Thieving — Cooking —
Prayer — Crafting — Firemaking —
Magic — Fletching — Woodcutting —
Runecrafting — Slayer — Farming —
Construction — Hunter — Summoning —
Dungeoneering — Divination — Invention —
Attack style icon fixed.png 1
Quest.png Music icon fixed.png

The Falador Tasks are the tasks relating to Falador and its surrounding area, added on 9 December 2008.

The tasks may be started by speaking to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim, the Chemist in Rimmington, or Sir Vyvin's Squire in the White Knights' Castle. These people are marked with the green star icon Task map icon.png on the minimap.

To complete all of the tasks, players will need the stats shown to the right.

Please note you must do the easy tasks first in order to claim rewards from medium, hard or elite.

Easy tasks

Task Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s) needed Item(s) needed Members Notes
Amulet of Weedspeak Buy a Farming amulet from Sarah on the farm north of Port Sarim. None None 200 coins Yes Sarah is found in the house west of the cabbage patch, not around the farming patches.
The Good Stuff Buy a stat-boosting beer from a waitress in the Rising Sun tavern. None None 3 coins No One of the three is okay. (Asgarnian Ale, Wizard's Mind Bomb, Dwarven Stout) In Falador by West Bank.
Chain Store Buy a black chainbody from Wayne's Chains, and try it on in the shop. None 10 Defence 1,440 coins No Buy from Wayne's stock, south-west corner of Falador.
Sir Mitt Climb to the top of the White Knights' Castle. None None No
Family Values Discover your family crest from Sir Renitee. None 16 Construction None Yes Players may change their family crest to the Saradomin symbol if they have 70 Prayer to complete the hard task while there.
Sniffing Out the Mole Enter the mole’s lair under Falador Park. None None Light source (closed ones preferred) or bat familiar/any Seer's headband, spade, tinderbox Yes
Chinchompa Powered! Feed Ridgeley, the hairdresser’s pet. None None A piece of cheese No Cheese can be purchased at Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim, found in Aggie's House in Draynor Village, or churned using a bucket of milk on one of the dairy churns around RuneScape, You can also buy some from the culinaromancer's chest. Be careful not to eat it
Fill Yer Bucket Fill a bucket from the pump north of the west Falador bank None None A Bucket No The pump is between the hairdresser and the mace store.
Elementary Medicine Heal an elemental wizard by casting an appropriate elemental spell on him (Air, Water, Earth, Fire). None None Runes for casting one elemental spell. No Cast fire spell on fire wizard and so on. Wind Rush does not heal the Air wizard.
It's Not Wabbit Season Kill a duck in Falador Park. None None Ranged ammunition, runes for spells, or a halberd No Any duck counts.
Stand and Deliver Kill a highwayman on the road west of Falador, next to the shortcut in the south wall. None None None No Keep the cape for one of the hard tasks, see below.
Making My Mind Up Make a mind tiara. Rune Mysteries None Mind talisman, blank tiara No
Going Along With the 'Fro Talk to Party Pete. None None None No Talk to Party Pete in the Falador party room.
Mudskip the Light Fantastic Recharge your Prayer points at the altar south-west of Port Sarim. None None None No Near Mudskipper Point
Disarm and Embark Take the boat to Entrana. None None Absolutely no armour, weapons, or explorers ring to board Yes

Following 4 new tasks related to Clan Citadels are now also listed as Falador easy tasks. However, they are not properly counted into number of tasks because they are not "in a set" (there are still total 44 tasks in Falador and 533 overall regardless of these 4 new). You do not need to do these 4 tasks to get the easy reward.

Task Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s) needed Item(s) needed Members Notes
Castles In The Sky Visit your or another clan's citadel None None None Yes

Simply pass through portal in Clan Camp to visit any clan citadel.

When the task was released, visiting another clan's citadel didn't fulfill the task. This was later fixed.

A Wizard Did It Talk to wizard Avalani within a clan citadel None None None Yes When you enter any clan citatel, Avalani is located right behind the bridge from portal. Just speak to her to complete the task.
Faceless And Ready Talk to the battlemaster of a clan citadel. None None None Yes Simply cross the bridge and stright follow the cobblestone road until you encounter Battlemaster on the far side of the citadel ground.
Citadelementary View the main interface within a clan citadel. None None None Yes

You can do this only at your own clan's citadel - you are unable to open the interface while visiting other clan's citadel.

Suggested route

  • Go to Falador west bank.
  • Take the required items out of your bank.
  • Make a Mind tiara.
  • Feed the Hairdresser's pet (in the treadmill) a piece of cheese. (Careful not to accidentally eat the cheese)
  • Fill your bucket at the pump just outside.
  • Buy a stat-boosting beer from the inn.
  • Climb to the top of the White Knights' Castle (on the west side).
  • Talk to Sir Renitee on the first floor (east side) about your family crest.
  • Go to the party room and talk to Party Pete.
  • Kill a duck in Falador Park.
  • Enter the mole's lair.
  • Exit the mole's lair (by rope at south of lair or by teleport).
  • Run south near the southern exit and buy a black chainbody from Wayne's shop. Try it on in the shop and then sell it back.
  • Visit Clan Camp and fullfil required Clan Citadels-related tasks. (Optional)
  • Heal an elemental wizard south of Falador by casting the appropriate elemental spell on him.
  • Run east to kill a highwayman.
  • Buy a Farming amulet from Sarah.
  • Recharge your Prayer points at the altar south-west of Port Sarim.
  • Take the boat to Entrana (Remember that no weapons are allowed, nor is the explorer's ring, so bank before going! However, runes are allowed.)
  • Talk to Redbeard Frank on Port Sarim's northern-most pier for your reward.

A player wearing the Falador Shield 1 and performing the emote.


Talk To Redbeard Frank on the northernmost dock of Port Sarim for the easy rewards.

  • Falador Shield 1, which has the ability to restore 25% of your prayer (daily) and also grants a prayer boost of +3.
  • 1,000 Experience lamp to use on skill of choice for levels over 30.
  • A new emote which only can be done while wielding the shield and selecting emote.

Medium tasks

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Medium task complete!
Task Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s) needed Item(s) needed Members Notes
Fruit of the Loom Craft a Fruit basket using the loom at the farm north of Port Sarim. None 36 Crafting 6 willow branches Yes
Is It So Hard to Walk Round? Crawl under Falador’s south wall. None 26 Agility None Yes
Climbing the Walls Grapple up, and then jump off the north Falador wall. None 11 Agility
19 Ranged
37 Strength
Mithril grapple, A crossbow. Yes Player must be outside of the city, north of the tree farming patch, to grapple. If grappling from the south, be sure to set video settings 'Remove Roofs' to 'Selectively' otherwise it is hard to see.
It's Nothing Personal Increase your reputation with the White Knights by killing a Black knight. Wanted! None None Yes Black knights are standing inside and outside the Black Knights' Fortress west of Edgeville. The black knight south of Draynor village bank as well as other black knights spread around Runescape can be killed for this task.
Ice the Icy Kill an ice giant in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. None None None No Fairy Ring Code: A I Q. While there, the task of killing a skeletal Wyvern could be done to finish the hard task with a Slayer lvl 72 or greater.
Blinded with Science Light a Bullseye lantern in the Chemist's. None 49 Firemaking None Yes The Lamp oil used for fuel is obtained by distilling Swamp tar in the chemist's in Rimmington or at the lamp stall in Dorgesh-Kaan. Bullseye lantern is sold at the lamp stall in Dorgesh-Kaan or made with Bullseye lantern frame with a Lantern lens. All that is needed is to take an unlit one and light it with a tinderbox in the chemist's house. No assembly is required (Sapphire and Emerald lanterns CAN be used for this)
They Have Families to Feed Pickpocket a Falador guard. None 40 Thieving None Yes Pickpocket any guard in Falador.
Stoic Sweetcorn Guardian Place a scarecrow to protect your sweetcorn as it grows in the patch north of Port Sarim. None 23 Farming None Yes "Plant" the Scarecrow in the flower patch near the allotment by using the Scarecrow with the patch. The sweetcorn only has to be planted, not grown. 3 sweetcorn seeds are needed for one patch. You only need to plant in one patch, not both. You must plant the sweetcorn after planting your scarecrow though, otherwise you have to do the task again. If you already planted a scarecrow before starting the tasks, you DO NOT have to remove it and place a new scarecrow in the flower patch. Just plant the sweetcorn seeds and this task will be complete.
Look Spiffy For Tiffy Salute Sir Tiffy Cashien while wearing full Initiate armour. Recruitment Drive 20 Defence
10 Prayer
None Yes Sir Tiffy Cashien is found sitting on a bench in Falador Park. You can buy initiate off him for 20,000gp, assuming you buy the harness. Note that the Goblin Salute emote will work as well, causing Sir Tiffy to say, "That's a very strange gesture, (username)".
Do They Come in Other Colours? Smith Blurite crossbow limbs on Thurgo’s anvil. The Knight's Sword 10 Mining
13 Smithing
A hammer, a pickaxe. Yes Superheat runes recommended for those who mine the ore. Just one is needed. While there, if you have level 72 Slayer try to kill a Skeletal wyvern as well as an Ice Giant. This will finish a hard task and a medium. (Don't forget your elemental/mind/body shield or Dragonfire shield!)
These Aren't the Coins You're Looking For Travel from Port Sarim to Musa Point for free (with a little help from Charos). Garden of Tranquillity (S) None Ring of Charos (a) Yes Talk to any sailor whilst wearing Ring of charos and travel for free.
Fun For the Whole Family Visit the Port Sarim Rat pits. Rat Catchers None None Yes Port Sarim is the final rat pit from the quest.

Suggested route

  • Go to Falador west bank. (Make sure you have swamp tar.)
  • Take the required items out of your bank.
  • Pickpocket a Falador Guard right outside the bank.
  • Now run to the south-west side of Falador and crawl under the wall, repeat to return to the city.
  • Teleport to Edgeville or the Monastery and run west to the Black Knights' Fortress and kill a Black knight standing outside.
  • Run south and grapple on the Falador wall, then jump down. (Near the Park).
  • Run west and salute Sir Tiffy Cashien while wearing your Initiate armour.
  • Run south to the farm and craft a fruit basket using the loom.
  • Exit the farm house and run east, then north through the cabbage patch.
  • Plant your scarecrow , then plant your three sweetcorn seeds.
  • Run all the way down to Port Sarim and visit the rat pits. (They are near the docks).
  • Travel to Karamja for free, and then return to Port Sarim.
  • Run south to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
  • Once inside, kill an ice giant and then mine a blurite ore.
  • Leave the dungeon and smelt the bar (Use superheat item if you have the runes)
  • Smith the bar into blurite limbs on Thurgo's anvil.
  • Run north west to Rimmington to the chemists house and light your Bullseye lantern.
  • Talk to the Chemist for your rewards.


  • If a scarecrow is already made and placed in the flower patch, then sweetcorn seeds will only need to be planted.
  • If sweetcorn is already planted in the allotment patch, you will only need to place a scarecrow in the flowers patch.
  • Wear a ring of Charos (a) and talk to the sailors with the "Charm" option to be allowed to reach Musa Point for free.
  • To save some time, use the Superheat Item spell to turn the blurite ore into a bar to smith the crossbow limbs
  • A bullseye lantern will only need to be re-lit at the chemists house.
  • The explorer ring reward from the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks may help in travelling to the farm.

A player wielding the Falador Shield 2, the medium tasks reward.


Talk to the Chemist in Rimmington for the medium rewards.

  • Falador Shield 2, which has the ability to restore 50% of your prayer (daily) and also grants a prayer boost of +5.
  • 5,000 experience lamp to use on skill of choice for levels over 40.
  • Increases Farming experience when using the allotment, flower and herb patches north of Port Sarim by 10%. Shield must be worn for this to work.

Hard tasks

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Hard task complete!
Task Description Quest(s) Required Skill(s) Required Item(s) Required Members Notes
A Knight in the Darkness Ascend the Dark Wizards' Tower while wearing full proselyte armour. Slug Menace 30 Defence
20 Prayer
Proselyte armour Yes You need to wear full proselyte armour. This can be bought from other players, the Grand Exchange or Sir Tiffy Cashien who can be found in Falador park.
Child of Saradomin Change your family crest to the Saradomin symbol. None 70 Prayer
16 Construction
None Yes 70 Prayer needed (boosting has no effect) Talk to Sir Renitee, he is sitting in a chair located on the east end of the first floor of the White Knight's Castle. Note: he talk to you about your tasks, you will get a free voucher to change back to your icon, but this is only once.
Mass Production Craft 140 or more Mind runes simultaneously. Rune Mysteries 56 Runecrafting None No

At level 56 Runecrafting, 28 essence is enough. All of the essence used must be of the same type to make 140. Using some of each(regular and pure) type will not work. From level 84 Runecrafting it can be completed with 20 essence. (The assist system does not work any more, however you can get a mind altar teleport from the runecrafting guild, get a pouch, and get a +2 bonus from Oldak in Dorgeshuun. You will need a tiara or talisman as well)

If you're using Oldak, you should get his boost and teleport to the Mind Altar using the Wicked Hood teleport(after feeding it a mind talisman/staff/omni)

It Spoiled My View Cut down a Yew tree or Magic tree that you grew in Falador Park. None 60 Farming
60 Woodcutting
None Yes If you have 57 Farming you can eat a garden pie to do this task. You can pay the Farmer 10 cactus spines to ensure it doesn't die. The tree may be chopped at 59 or 58 Woodcutting by using an Axeman's folly or it's mature counterpart, respectively. Paying to have the farmer chop it down does not work - you must chop the tree down yourself.
I Heard You Like Mudskips Dial to the fairy ring on Mudskipper Point. A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (S) None None Yes Fairy Ring Code: A I Q. Lunar staff or Dramen staff is needed, unless Fairytale III has been completed.
It Matches My Eyes Dye a cape pink with Pink dye from Betty in Port Sarim. Hand in the Sand None None Yes 20 coins for pink Dye. Capes are dropped by highwaymen north of Betty's shop.
The Stonemasons Enter the Mining Guild. None 60 Mining None No A dwarven stout(m) can be used to get in at 58 Mining or a dwarven stout at 59.
The Mogre Mash Kill a mogre at Mudskipper Point. None 32 Slayer None Yes Mogre (miniquest) is needed. Fishing explosive used as lure can be bought from slayer masters.
Why Oh Wyvern Kill a skeletal wyvern in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Elemental Workshop I (R) 72 Slayer (B) None Yes Standing 6 squares away from skeletal wyvern disables its ice-breath attack. This allows range from afar using range protection prayer without being hit. Equip an Elemental shield, Mind shield, Body shield or Dragonfire Shield. 72 Slayer is needed to cause damage, so have multiple Wild pie if using this technique.
Banned For Life Summon an Ibis in the Port Sarim fish store. None 56 Summoning Ibis pouch. Yes

Suggested route

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Hard tasks complete!


  • Players must have 70 Prayer to change their crest. Temporarily increasing it with the spa bonus, the altar in the Monastery or Senntisten Temple, or the Ancient mace's special attack will not work.
  • If the player's current crest is set to a money bag, Sir Renitee will give the player a Money crest voucher when he changes his or her crest for the task.
  • The task of crafting mind runes can be boosted with Spicy stew. Take a runecrafting pouch, an orange spicy stew and a full inventory essence with you. Drop 2 essence, unload the bag, Eat the stew, drop the pouch and bowl, and pick up the essence. with 28 essence in inventory, craft the mind runes.


A player wearing the Falador shield 3

Talk to the Squire, who is at the centre of the Falador Castle courtyard, for the hard rewards.

  • Falador shield 3, which has the ability to restore 100% of your prayer (once daily) and grants +7 prayer bonus
  • 10,000 Experience lamp to use on skill of choice for levels over 50
  • Access to new seeds from Wyson (found at the Falador Park), by trading in Mole skin in exchange for 1 White lily seed and a birds nest (no longer need to wield your Falador shield 3)
  • White lily seeds provide protection for all allotment plants when planted in a flower patch
  • More experience when farming in plot north of Port Sarim.
  • Access to the Crafting Guild without a Brown apron

Elite tasks

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Elite task complete!
Task Description Quests Level Requirements Members Notes
When This Cavern's Rockin'... Catch a rocktail in the Living Rock Caverns . None 90 Fishing Yes Fishing boosting items can be used for boosts: Fishing potion or Fish pie for +3 levels, Admiral pie for +5 levels.
You'd Best Come A-cookin' Cook a rocktail in the Falador area. None 93 Cooking Yes A Chef's delight can be used to boost Cooking levels. If the fish is burned the task will not be completed. You must use a range for this task, it cannot be completed using a fire.
Concentration is Key Mine concentrated gold in the Living Rock Caverns. None 80 Mining Yes A Dwarven stout or Dwarven stout (m) can be used to boost levels by +1 or +2 respectively.
I Swear I Heard It Scream Cut down a magic tree grown in your tree patch in Falador Park. None 75 Farming
75 Woodcutting
Yes A Garden pie (+3 level boost), Compost mound (1+2% level boost), or Stranger plant (1+4% level boost) can be used to boost Farming to 75. You can have the gardener watch over the tree in exchange for twenty-five Coconuts. 75 Farming is not required when checking health.
An Axeman's folly or Axeman's folly (m) can be used to boost levels by +1 or +2 Woodcutting respectively. Paying to have the gardener chop it down will not work - you must chop the tree down yourself.
I've Changed My Mind! Use a summoned hydra to regrow a tree in your patch in Falador Park. None 80 Summoning


Yes 15 farming is the lowest requirement for planting a tree in a farming patch.
A String and a Flare Cast the String Jewellery spell while standing at the furnace in Falador. Lunar Diplomacy 80 Magic Yes A Wizard's mind bomb, Magic potion, or Extreme magic can be used to raise magic levels by 3, 5, or 7 respectively. You will need an unstrung amulet in your inventory to cast the spell.
Altar-ed State Use the altar in the White Knights' Castle to switch curses off, while you have Turmoil active. The Temple at Senntisten 95 Prayer Yes In order to complete this task you must have the ability to swap back to prayers at any altar enabled. If you don't get the option to switch back to normal prayers at the altar, visit the Zaros Altar at the Senntisten Temple. When praying at the altar there, you will get an option to enable prayer switching anywhere.


Audio options icon.png
All elite tasks complete!

Speak to Squire in Falador Castle courtyard.

  • Falador shield 4 - when worn :
    • Operate shield to restore all of your Prayer points twice per day
    • Operate shield to help locate the giant mole in its lair beneath Falador Park
  • At all times
    • A +20 boost to prayer points when using the altar in Falador Castle
    • Ability to convert the altar to Zaros by using the ancient hymnal on it. This will allow the player to switch between prayers and curses at this altar.
    • Chance of getting a Mole nose drop from the giant mole, which Wyson will trade for higher value nests
  • Experience Lamps
    • Experience lamp - 2 x 30,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 90
    • Experience lamp - 50,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 84
    • Experience lamp - 50,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 72

(All experience lamps give a total reward of 160,000 xp.)


  • On the day the tasks came out the spoilers exclaimed: "Spoilers are wicked things, and the White Knights prefer to see them locked up for a day." However, the spoilers on the website were still locked more than 3 days after the release.
  • On the day the tasks came out, a player could be assisted by another player with a higher Runecrafting level to complete the task of creating 196 air runes in one action. Jagex noticed this the next day and changed it.
  • The Tasks symbol in the chemist's was there long before the actual tasks were released.
  • After travelling to Musa Point to complete the Medium task, a player can take a ride back on the same ship to complete an Easy Karamja task.
  • After the RuneTek 5 update there was a glitch where buying a farming amulet from Sarah did not register as a completed task. This was fixed by Jagex shortly after.
  • Before 17 September 2009, the hard task "Craft 140 mind runes simultaneously" was instead "Craft 196 air runes simultaneously". Also, the easy task of "Make an air tiara" was changed to "Make a mind tiara". They were changed when the air altar was moved to south-west of Varrock. Due to this update, the Runecrafting level needed has fallen from 66 to 56.
  • Port Sarim and Goblin Village are also part of the Falador task area.
  • One task named "I Heard You Like Mudskips,"is a reference to the internet meme "So I herd u liek Mudkipz."
  • One of the elite tasks has a slight error, missing a period at the end. This has yet to be fixed.
  • The task "mudskip the Light Fantastic" is a reference to the book "The Light Fantastic" by Terry Pratchett.
  • Upon the change into Tasks, several Varrock and Falador tasks became available to free players.
  • The task "It's Not Wabbit Season" is a reference to a Loony Tunes cartoon in which Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are arguing over which hunting season it is, with Elmer Fudd being the hunter.
  • When doing the task "Looking Spiffy For Sir Tiffy", should you use Goblin Salute instead of the normal one, he will say "That's a very strange gesture, Name."
  • The task "These aren't the coins you're looking for" is a reference to Star Wars (episode 4), when Obi-wan tells storm troopers "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
  • The task "A Knight in the Darkness" is a reference to at least two things. The Bible, at John 1:5, says "The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness consume it not." The Rocky Horror Picture show, a midnight movie with a large cult following, has a song with very memorable lyrics "There's a light in the darkness."
  • The tasks "When this Cavern's A-Rockin'" and "You'd Best Come A-Cookin'" are a reference to the phrase "When this (room or vehicle)'s A-Rockin', Don't come A-Knockin'".
  • The task "I Swear I Heard It Scream" could be a reference to the band "Screaming Trees".
  • The task "I've Changed My Mind!" used to need the quest "Wolf Whistle" as a requirement but due to an update no longer needs it.
  • The task "A String and a Flare" could be a reference to the 1944 movie "Wing and a Prayer"
  • The task "Blinded with Science" is probably a reference to the 1982 new wave song "She Blinded me with Science" by British musician Thomas Dolby.

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