This article is about the term. For the monster, see False User (One of a Kind).

The term "false user" is used by the Dragonkin to refer to anyone (other than Jas[1]) who has touched the Stone of Jas and used its power. The term is first mentioned by the Dragonkin on Mos Le'Harmless during Ritual of the Mahjarrat and the concept plays an incendiary role in Hero's Welcome. The Dragonkin seek out and destroy those who use the power of the Stone, evidenced by the destruction of Kethsi, and Lucien's and V's deaths.

The following are known false users:

The player has also used the power of the stone three times, yet the Dragonkin do not seek to kill them; instead referring to them as a "stone toucher". Sliske believes that a False User and a stone toucher are separate, depending on how the Stone of Jas is used. He believes that while a False User draws power from the stone all at once, a stone toucher gains knowledge from it gradually. Sliske believes that Guthix, the Player, and himself are all stone touchers.


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