Fame chathead

Fame is an NPC that appeared in the 2011 Hallowe'en event and is the sister of Beauty. She can currently be found on anniversary island, the replacement for the 15th year anniversary party garden, which seems to be her private Uncharted Isle. Members can access the island by using the Anniversary tree, found directly east to the flickering wisp colony north of Falador.

During the 2011 Hallowe'en event, she would give players a Runefest puzzle book for a 26-question search. She was found in the Deathcon's clan theatre stage. She also gave the reward to the Runefest puzzle book when players completed it and submitted their answers to her.

Fame appeared again in January 2016 to host The Drop: 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations. If players helped her in the 2011 Hallowe'en event, she remembers them.



  • Her examine text is a reference to the song Fame from the film and stage musical of the same name.
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