This article is about the item. For the quest, see Family Crest.

Family crest detail.png

The Family crest is a quest item obtained during the Family Crest quest. It is made by combining the three crest parts given to the player by the Fitzharmon brothers, Avan, Caleb, and Johnathon, in return for performing a set of tasks for each brother.

If a player tries to put the crest back together with only two pieces, they will receive a message saying "You still need one more piece of the crest.".

The completed family crest must be returned to Dimintheis Fitzharmon, the brothers' father, in Varrock to complete the quest.


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  • The symbol on this crest looks like a red head of a bird when dropped, which may be a symbol of the Fitzharmon family.
  • There is a graphics glitch where if you drop the item, it will have no fixed form.
  • There is another graphics glitch that will make the crest appear distorted in your inventory.
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