Fancy-dress shop owner chathead

The Fancy-dress shop owner, named Asyff Bymajique, runs the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock. If you have Hunter furs or hides, he will make them into Hunter clothing for you for a small fee. He is also involved in the Eagles' Peak quest.


  • The fancy-dress shop owner may be based on a 1970's British children's cartoon series Mr Benn. In the cartoon, there is a shopkeeper who wears nearly identical clothing and also runs a fancy dress shop. His name is a play on "as if by magic", the motto of the shopkeeper in Mr. Benn.
  • Unlike most member's content NPCs in free-to-play areas, he will not inform you that he can only be talked to in a member's world. Instead, a message will appear in the chatbox.
  • The shop owner is one of few humans with a non-standard height (he is taller than a dwarf, but shorter than a human).
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