The farm totem is an item which can be purchased from the Farmers' Market for 200 beans. It may be placed in a farm totem hotspot next to any paddock at the player-owned farm. When placed next to a paddock containing an elder animal, the player will receive a specific perk corresponding to that animal.

Totems can be removed from one pen and added to a different pen.

Perk Up! and Perk Out! are Farming achievements requiring the totems.

Animal Pen Size Farming Level Perk
Vanilla Cow Large 49 Milky, Milky (tier 1) - All cooking XP earned from churning butter is at 2x normal.
Bull Large 49 Bully for You (tier 1) - a 1 in 5 chance to not deplete a compost bin when collecting compost from it.
Crystal Chinchompa Medium 54 If Chins Could Skill (tier 1) - a 3% chance to not lose a skillchompa when using them.
Araxyte Spider Medium 64 NopeNopeNope (tier 1) - increases damage against all spiders by 2%.

(This includes Araxxi)

Spirit Yak Large 71 Nigel's Gift (tier 1) - a 2% chance to find a clue scroll either when checking health in, or harvesting the last crop from, any patch.