Farmer Jimbo chathead

Farmer Jimbo is a farmer who was involved in the saga of the protected tree, west of the western Varrock bank. He was in charge of growing and looking after the tree's third iteration, after the second one died before he could arrive to heal it.


He was initially found by the Timbo tree in Yanille, and revealed that he is an esteemed farmer and tree surgeon whose help is requested by a lot of people, including kings and queens. He then remembers that he was on a journey to Varrock, as King Roald had requested his help with healing the protected tree found near the western bank.

He also lamented that he was unable to get to the Timbo tree in time to heal it. On his trip from Yanille to the protected tree, he stopped by various farming patches, mentioning he was investigating certain trees during his travels. He also commented on the state of the (fruit) tree growing in the patch. After arriving at the protected tree, he replaced the dead tree with a new sapling.

Farmer Jimbo features in the 2016 Easter event, taking a tour of Sliske's chocolate factory as one of the five golden ticket winners. During the event, he briefly became one of Sliske's wights.


Location Start date End date
Timbo tree in Yanille 14 December 16 December
Fruit tree patch in Catherby 17 December 19 December
Wood tree patch in Taverley 20 December 23 December
Wood tree patch in Falador Park 24 December 27 December
Wood tree patch in Lumbridge 28 December 31 December
Wood tree patch in Varrock Palace courtyard 1 January 2016 1 January 2016
Protected tree west of the western Varrock bank 2 January 25 January
Unknown 26 January 2 February
Protected tree west of the western Varrock bank 3 February 21 March



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