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Fat Rocco is a fairy bodyguard who guards the Fairy Godfather with Slim Louie. He appears slim instead of fat, contrary to his name. Fat Rocco tries to look as menacing as he can, and often tells people not to talk to him ("talk to da bozz"). He is second in command in the Fairy Mafia.


  • The examine is a reference to the famous scene in the movie Goodfellas where Tommy DeVito asks Henry Hill why he called him a "funny guy".
  • In the Developer's Blogs, the Animating Development Diary of the Fairy Area Graphical Improvement project contains information from Mod Biscuits (who works on the project) about the future look of fairies. He states that, after Fat Rocco is updated, he will be "awkward and unfit - he holds on to his hat when he moves and occasionally needs to pull his trousers up".[1]
  • His name is a reference to Rocco Lampone, a Corleone Caporegime from the 1972 crime drama The Godfather.
  • Although his hat is brown, the one on his chathead is a very dark grey.
  • He is last seen taking some Orks to Zanaris. It is unknown what happened to Rocco after the quest because he isn't spotted at the throne room.


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