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Fate of the Gods is a grandmaster quest that was released on 24 March, 2014. It is the conclusion of the Return of Zaros series that started with The Dig Site in 2003. The quest will feature Zaros' return and the player will be required to help him find a new host body. Choices about Zaros' background story, the Dragon Riders and the Elder Gods. The World Gate will also play a key role.[1]

While Missing, Presumed Death is the only actual quest requirement, completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat is the beginning of a series of Sixth Age content in which Zaros will feature heavily. For this reason, the content developers chose to give Fate of the Gods low quest requirements, instead of locking it behind other Zaros-related quests such as The Temple at Sennisten.[2]


Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Azzanadra at the World Gate, just north-west of the entrance to Arandar.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:

Additionally, it is highly recommended but optional to complete the following quests for full storyline comprehension and additional rewards:
Quest Quests:
  • Fate of the Gods2
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat
  • None

Powering the World Gate

This section does not have to be completed if you powered up the World Gate after Mahjarrat Memories.

Speak to Azzanadra, south of the Eagle's Peak lodestone (close to the Meeting/Making History startpoint), who will inform you of the return of Zaros. Accept the quest and equip a ring of visibility to see the World Gate. Upon speaking to Azzanadra again, he will tell you that he, together with Zaros, has enlisted the help of Sliske to pull the World Gate out of the Shadow Realm. Sliske will pull you into the Shadow Realm and offer you a proposal before telling you how to fix the World Gate.

Investigate the pillar behind Sliske to get the symbols, the click on the control consoles in front of the gate. The left console will rotate the symbols to the left, the right console will rotate them to the right.

Click the right console until you see this rune:

World gate icon M

Click the left console until you see this rune:

World gate icon A

Click the right console until you see this rune:

World gate icon H

After the World Gate has been activated, speak to Azzanadra again for further instructions and then enter the World Gate.


When you enter this un-familiar world of Freneskae, you will need to move fast. There are dangerous hazards that will hinder your journey through this realm.

  • The air here is filled with smoke and will make you choke. This causes 50 life points worth of damage (reduced to nothing if wearing a face mask)
  • Lightning can strike at any time causing a large amount of damage. Lightning strikes will be preceded by a flickering light on the ground. If you are hit by a lightning strike you will be damaged for 1500 life points, being near to a lightning strike will cause you 750 life points of damage.
  • Volcanic vents will spew hot steam causing you damage if you are nearby. This cases 400 life points of damage.
  • Balls of lava will drop from the sky. If you are hit by a ball of lava you will be damaged for 500 life points, being near to an impact will cause you 250 life points of damage.
  • Walls leak lava onto passersby. If you are hit by the lava you will be damaged for 1000 life points, being near to the wall will cause you 500 life points of damage.

Remember to eat food regularly. Also, there are several places where you can stand which negates damage, and can heal too. Look out for these as you journey through Freneskae, as you are guided/followed by a mysterious entity. You should collect Memorium Crystals along the way in order to unlock memories inside the cavern area of Freneskae. 

Once you reach the cave entrance, step inside.

Your progress is saved after each area.

The Cave

In the middle of the room, there is an area where you can deposit Memorium Crystals. Each crystal that you deposit will unlock a memory, which you can refrain from doing unless you want to know more about the lore of the quest and Freneskae. Some crystals may only be acquired after you complete the quest and return to Freneskae, so don't worry if you don't have all of them at this point.

File:Screenshot from 2014-03-24 11 45 22.png

Door Puzzle

At the other end of the cave is a door with symbols on it. There are three stages to this puzzle, with the last being the hardest. The aim is to match up the symbols together to light up the lines which are inbetween the dials. Once all lines are lit up, the next stage will begin. After completing all of the three stages of this puzzle, you will be able to proceed.


Upon entering the next room, four Nihils will appear. Each is based on elements from ancient magicks. They emerge at random from the twelve doorways and will charge in one direction. Making contact with one of them while they are running will cause heavy damage. Attacking them will shift their attention to you. Each Nihil uses a different combat style, and has a special attack (which is signaled by them hissing beforehand) as follows:

  • Smoke nihil: Attacks with magic that can lower stats, special attack creates a cloud that rapidly cuts stats
  • Shadow nihil: Attacks with ranged, special attack creates an area-of-effect that deals rapid damage
  • Blood nihil: Attacks with melee, special attack causes all incoming damage to heal it
  • Ice nihil: Attacks with magic, special attack applies a six second stun

Meeting Zaros

Once you've entered the next area, a lengthy conversation with Zaros will begin where you will be able to ask him questions about him, his history and more. Once this is finished, you will need to defend against Mah's nightmare.

Warning: Portents of Restoration do not appear to work while defending against Mah's nightmare.

Mah's Nightmare

File:Mah's nightmare progress bar.png

The nightmare will last a couple of minutes where you must defend against muspahs. Your progress is displayed at the top of your screen in order to help you keep track of how long you have got left. Prayer and food is especially useful in this part. Once it hits 0%, all of the muspahs will die and you are free to climb down the summit. If you agreed to let Zaros into your body he will give you unlimited prayer point for Ancient curses and Unlimted runes for Ancient Magicks.

Aided Divination

You will enter a large area with several Mah wisps. You should begin to collect divine energy from these. Also, pick up The Measure on the ground. This will allow you to see hidden Mah wisps, and collect divine energy from fainter wisps and make things a whole lot easier. Once you get 250 Mah energy, weave a dark divine simulacrum (to help Zaros) or a light divine simulacrum (to hinder Zaros).

Once you've made it, climb back up the summit and return to Zaros.

The Return of Zaros

When you speak to him, he will request your chosen simulacrum. Bare in mind that whichever simulacrum you chose will change his appearance. But, without warning, Mah awakens and you are teleported away to a different part of the realm. Step through the world gate and return to Azzandara, who will give you the option to witness the return of Zaros. A cutscene will occur where Zaros orders his followers to different tasks, while banishing Sliske.

Zaros will proceed to give you a Shard of Zaros, which will make people in RuneScape aware of your affiliation with him, and the quest will finish.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Fate of the Gods reward
  • 1 Quest Point
  • 125,000 Skills Experience
  • 100,000 Skills Experience
  • 100,000 Skills Experience
  • 75,000 Skills Experience
  • 50,000 Skills Experience
  • 25,000 Skills when operating a fully charged engrammeter within Freneskae.
  • A Combat Lamp which grants 75,000 experience in a chosen combat skill (80+, excluding prayer/summoning) up to three times, if you talk to Azzanadra in Senntisten
  • A Large Prismatic Lamp from Wahiestiel (Ali the Wise) in Nardah
  • The Shard of Zaros which, when equipped, grants protection from all factions in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • If you walk to the throne in the empyrean citadel, and then leave/teleport out, a conversation with Sliske starts. He then answers 1 question and a permanent view of the shadow realm, without having to wear the ring of visibility. (It is currently unkown exactly what steps must be taken in order for this conversation to start).
  • You can obtain the "Anhillator" title if all the Nihills are killed at once. (Let them all attack you.)
  • You can search for the crystals in the world of Freneskae, if all found you obtain 2 cosmetic head overides: Helm of Zaros and Crest of Seren
  • You can talk to the Guthixian High Druid to have a teleport to the World Gate added to your Sixth-Age Circuit.
  • Four Elder Chronicles, each granting 50,000 Skills Experience when The Measure is placed:
    • Near the hidden statue on Entrana
    • Outside the TzHaar entrance
    • Near the Oracle on the Ice Mountain.
    • At the archeologist camp on the Ruins of Ullek
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Music Unlocked


  • By operating the Engrammeter whilst on Freneskae you will receive a small damage reduction from the environmental effects.
  • The name of the quest may be a reference to the classical musical piece, Fate of the Gods, by Steven Reineke, which itself is thematically based on Norse mythology. It may also be derived from Zaros being the god of fate.
  • Fate of the Gods is also another name for Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse.
  • During the inicial dialogue with Zaros he says to the player: "Say my name!" This could be a reference from Breaking Bad's Walter White speech when introducing himself to new dealers.
  • There were two Behind the Scenes videos released for Fate of the Gods instead of the usual one for each update.
  • The World Gate was added to the game the week before Fate of the God's release. Located in the Shadow Realm, it could only be seen with the aid of the ring of visibility, and while it could be interacted with, and powered up with the correct sequence of symbols, it could not be travelled through upon its release.
  • As seen in the second BTS video, there is an altar that has the symbol of Seren on it somewhere in Freneskae.
  • Upon completion of the quest the Adventurer's Log states: Zaros has returned...
  • There is a reference to American TV show Breaking Bad, where Zaros says "Say my name", a phrase also said by Walter White.


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