Father Badden chathead

Father Badden is a priest who is involved with the Shadow of the Storm quest. He is part of a group of Saradominists, along with Father Reen who are keeping an eye on a very dangerous demon worshipper called Denath.

He is a Saradominist but despises golems by all means and calls them, "unnatural in the eyes of Saradomin." He plays a role in summoning Agrith-Naar again. By the end of the quest, he has changed his mind about golems.

The fact that he views golems as "unnatural in the eyes of Saradomin" is unusual given that Saradominist forces historically used them during the God Wars to battle demons such as Thammaron. In addition, Sergeant Mazakon, a leading figure in Saradomin's army, was an icyene who had his arm and leg replaced with golem parts, thus making him part golem.

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