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Feathers are items used in the Fishing and Fletching skills. Feathers are used as lures for fly fishing, and may also be used as bait for Barbarian heavy-rod fishing, but it is sometimes cheaper to use fishing bait. Feathers are also used to make arrows, darts, and bolts.

Buying feathers from shops and selling them on the Grand Exchange was previously a decent money making method, but following the release of feather packs on 20 August 2018, which made them much easier to obtain, the prices of feathers has fallen.

These are the only feathers that can be used to summon a Newtroost during the Creature Creation activity in the Tower of Life, as coloured feathers are not accepted by the altar.

Obtaining feathers

Feathers can be bought at a number of stores across RuneScape and can also be obtained as drops from many monsters, most notably chickens, which drop them in amounts of 5, 10, and 15. They can of course also be bought from players.

Coloured feathers can be acquired from snaring birds using the Hunter skill.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
  • Gerrant's Fishy Business and Lovecraft's Tackle share the same stock.
  • These shops (excluding Alison Elmshaper's) also feature Feather Packs for members.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aviansie89; 92; 951–7Always
Chompy bird211–30Always
Evil Chicken7732–750Always
Jubbly bird1125–32Always
Kree'arra210; 5801–15Always
Chicken1; 3; 1115–15Common
Corpse Spider43Common
Corpse archer1810Common
Corpse mage2115Common
Crawling corpse torso96Common
Dagannoth (Lighthouse)77; 7815Common
Dagannoth spawn652Common
Dragith Nurn2615Common
Dung kalphiteN/A5–10Common
New Varrock guard captain1045–20Common
Pernicious parrot6310Common
Tenacious toucan8410–20Common
Undead chicken1; 75–15Common
Warped bat1610Common
Warped cockroach12Common
Warped fly75Common
Warped rat128Common
Warped terrorbird8223–99Common
Winter Weekends (2012)N/A1500Common
Kree'arra210; 5803500–4000Rare
H.A.M. Guard301–7Uncommon
Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs)1510Uncommon
Zombie (New Varrock)15–20Uncommon
River trollN/AunknownUnknown


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