A feather pack is an item pack that contains 2,000 feathers each. The Open option will open a single pack, and the Open-All option will open all packs in the inventory. They cost 15,000 coins each, making each feather 7.5 coins - instead of the normal 6 coins for non-pack feathers. The full stock does not replenish each day. Instead, each store's stock of feather packs replenishes at a rate of about 1 per 12 hours of real time, independently (with the exception of the two stores with the shared stock which are mentioned on the feathers page).

Store locations

Despite the column in the following table, feather packs are not available for nonmembers, even in the two nonmember stores.

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Ava's Odds and EndsDraynor Manor15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Etceteria FishEtceteria15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Fernahei's Fishing HutShilo Village (location)15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Fishing Guild ShopFishing Guild15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Fremennik FishmongerRellekka15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Gerrant's Fishy BusinessPort Sarim15,000Coins 100Coins 5No
Gift ShopOo'glog15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Island FishmongerMiscellania15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Lumbridge Fishing SuppliesLumbridge15,000Coins 100Coins 5No
Meena's Fishing ShopMenaphos15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes
Shantay Pass ShopShantay Pass15,000Coins 100Coins 5Yes

Purchasing all 55 packs will cost you 825,000 coins and yield 110,000 feathers. Selling them on the Grand Exchange for 1,430,000 coins coins nets a profit/loss of 605,000 coins at guide prices.


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