Feline Good is an achievement that requires the player to find all cats of Menaphos.

Cat Picture Location Hint Description
Anukat Anukat Inside the VIP skilling area within the Imperial district of Menaphos. Known to frequent only the most exclusive of areas in Menaphos. The famous cat-headed cat of Menaphos.
Bestopet Bestopet Shifting Tombs; may randomly appear after smashing any pot. Often lost in tight spaces in the tombs below Menaphos. Didn't appreciate the way you smashed her new home to pieces.
Oedipuss Oedipuss Inside a locked house next to the Port district musician. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Ports district. Loves the sea view. Loves the sea view, and loves his mummy.
Hetepheres Hetepheres Wanders around Menaphos on Sundays (see spawn locations). Lives for the weekend. Praise the sun! The desendant of great aristocats. Enjoys sunbathing on lazy weekends.
Lucifurr Lucifurr Wanders around Menaphos on Tuesdays (see spawn locations). Has developed a successful weekly hunting ritual. Also known as 'The Micebringer'. A real anti-authoritarian.
Jenifurr Jenifurr Can be spotted while opening sarcophagi during Pyramid Plunder. A courageous spirit that guards the tombs of Sophanem. Sarcophagi are dark and quiet. If she fits, she sits.
Katarina Katarina Has a chance to spawn when killing monsters in Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Last time I saw her, she said she was feeling a little corrupted. Ex-star of 'Keeping up with the Kharidians'.
Shebit Shebit Inside a locked house next to Khamud in the north-east corner of the Worker district. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Worker district. Works hard, day and night. Part of a large family collectively known as the Shebyte.
Takhuit Takhuit Wanders around Menaphos on Wednesdays (see spawn locations). The best day is the day with frequent walks. Takes frequent walks, to battle the existential dread.
Catsanova Catsanova Inside a locked house in the north-east corner of the Merchant district. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Merchant district. Currently wooing a whole lot of trader cats. Runner-up in the 'Most Prolific Kharidian Lover' contest, behind Ozan.
The Postcat The Postcat Walks in an anticlockwise path starting at the Menaphos gates heading to Pollnivneach, Shantay Pass, the Mining Camp, the Bandit Camp and back to Menaphos. He delivers the post all across the desert, even as far as Al Kharid. Neither sun, nor glare, nor heat of day stays this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.
Fenekh Fenekh Wanders around Menaphos on Thursdays (see spawn locations). Sometimes here, sometimes there. Either in Menaphos or in hiding. Known rather ironically as the Desert Fox.
Tefimhet Tefimhet Found within the Soul Altar. Watches over the passage of souls. Most people think he is imagining the voices.
Nodjmet Nodjmet Wanders around Menaphos on Fridays (see spawn locations). I see him around Menaphos, now and then. Enjoys his life of extreme leisure.
Blanchy Blanchy Wanders around Menaphos on Saturdays (see spawn locations). Works so hard, I only see him outdoors on the weekends. Known throughout the sculptor community for his modelling.
Qat Qat Inside a locked house in the north-west corner of the Imperial district, near Banafrit. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Imperial district. As royal as a cat can be. A qathartic qompanion qapable of qalming the qursed and the qorrupted.
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