Feng, the Bounty Master chathead

Feng, the Bounty Master can be found in the entrance area of the Heart of Gielinor. He assigns players bounties in return for reputation.

Feng trades the broken disguise kit for the signal horn as part of the Mod Deg trading sequence.


Feng can assign the player bounties to kill 100 NPCs in the Heart. For each bounty, players select the faction for which they wish to fight and to receive 150 reputation. Feng then assigns the faction whose NPCs the player must kill. Killing the faction's general counts as 25.

Players receive the reputation reward when they complete and hand in the bounty. Ordinarily players must complete and hand in a bounty in order to receive another one. Players may also ask to skip a bounty.

Players can receive multiple bounties per day, up to their daily quota. For each bounty assigned, the quota decreases by one, even if the player asks to skip it. When their quota reaches zero, players can receive no more bounties that day. The quota increases by one each day at UTC midnight. It is, therefore, possible to skip days without losing bounty assignments. The maximum quota is five. The initial quota is also five.



  • Feng's examine text and appearance are references to Father Gascoigne in the video game Bloodborne.
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