This article is about Treasure Hunter item. For the item dropped by Nihil, see Vampyre fangs.
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Feral vampyre fangs detail

Feral vampyre fangs are a form of currency in a Treasure Hunter promotion, which are used to unlock the vampyre hunter outfit and the vampyre hunter stake launcher weapon override.

In addition they can be used to unlock the vampyre hunter amulet and its abilities and to charge the amulet.

It costs a total of 8,800 fangs to unlock all rewards (5,300 for outfit and 3,500 for amulet upgrades).

They were turned into 10 coins each on 9 May 2016.


Feral vampyre fangs can be obtained in various ways.

  • Daily challenges (25 fangs)
  • Various skilling and killing activities (10 fangs while in Morytania, 5 outside), 10-12 minute cooldown
  • Opening barrows chests (2 fangs)
  • Winning Temple Trekking Reward tokens (2 (blue), 3 (yellow), 4 (red))
  • Trading with other players.

Vampyre Hunter Rewards - Outfit tab

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