The Ferret of Doom is a red ferret encountered by Thok during the Fremennik sagas Thok It To 'Em and Thok Your Block Off. The only option (other than examine) is to "Cower-in-fear-puny-mortal".

Thok refuses to go into the room with the ferret, due to him having furophobia, an irrational fear of ferrets. This makes the Ferret of Doom the only creature Thok could not beat. It is level 9001; however, it is not attackable, and as with most other events in Thok's story, it could have been highly exaggerated.

In Thok It To 'Em, Mini-marm, a pet crab found in the saga, may wander off at one point and return with his claws dripping blood and the Ferret of Doom's head as a trophy.

In Thok Your Block Off, the Ferret of Doom makes a reappearance, but this time appears with several friends, scaring Thok off once again.



  • The combat level of 9,001 for the Ferret of Doom is a reference to the internet meme "Over 9000" which comes from the anime series Dragon Ball Z.
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