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Festival of the Dead was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Festival of the Dead
Festival of the Dead
Release date 2 October 2012 (Update)
End date 28 November 2012 (Update)
Reward Skull mask, bonus prayer experience
Head developer Mod Hunter
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A

Festival of the Dead was a temporary member's only Holiday event released on 2 October 2012 (not to be confused with the 2012 Hallowe'en event). The event was centred around celebrating the lives of deceased NPCs, and bringing them back to life for the celebration. It was only available for members.

During this event you may choose to celebrate the lives of up to 5 different deceased NPCs from the game.
Coffin (Festival of the Dead)

The decorated coffin.

Participating in this event earned your character a Skull mask and up to a total of 251,000 bonus Prayer experience (depending on how many of the tasks are completed). The bonus experience was not granted immediately as it would by experience lamps (where experience is immediately awarded); for this holiday event's bonus Prayer experience, it was granted similar to the form of double experience weekend, in that only as you earned experience in Prayer, then you would get double Prayer experience (up to the maximum bonus Prayer experience you had earned in the holiday event), with the following restrictions:

100% bonus Prayer experience
Did work with: Did not work with:
POH Altar bonus Ectofuntus
Killing Ghasts Bonus Xp Weekend
Burying bones (incl. Bonecrusher) Prized Pendant of Prayer or Pendant of Prayer (the multiplier does work when burying bones or scattering ashes using them)
Scattering Ashes Teleporting Prayer urns
Cremating Shades and/or Vyrewatch Calculated bulk experience rewards (Experience lamps, Experience books, Penguin points, Fealty reward of the Clan cloak, etc.)

Players could participate in this event by speaking to Father Joakim, who was located next to a large coffin in two locations: south of the Lumbridge Cemetery and behind the church south-east of Burthorpe. There is no difference in gameplay between the two locations.

This event was made up of five celebrations, each requiring a higher prayer level and the completion of more quests than the last.


If you choose to complete multiple tasks, you may do them in any order desired. However, you may only have one task active at a time, and while that task is active, the items for other tasks will not be available (although you may make all the Clay skulls at once and have them in your inventory). Tasks already completed are marked with a green checkmark. You may also repeat tasks, but no additional experience awards are earned. If you attempt to be assigned a task which you have already completed, Father Joakim will give you the opportunity to either proceed or cancel the duplicate task.

There are four steps for each task:

  1. Speak to Father Joakim, who will assign an item relating to the dead person whose life is being celebrated. You must go to the location of the item and return with it.
  2. You must retrieve a set of decorative "Flowers of the dead" from the crate next to the coffin.
  3. You must create 3 Clay skulls from soft clay (if asked, Father Joakim will give you the first 3 soft clay, but you must supply any further for additional tasks). Creating skulls gives 10 Crafting experience.
  4. Click on the coffin or speak to Father Joakim with the above items in your inventory, and a dialogue and cutscene will follow, eventually awarding you with the bonus Prayer XP. Dialogue choices given do not make a difference in the final outcome of the cutscene(s).

Note: The individual items for each NPC can not be obtained prior to starting each tribute; they must be gathered individually upon starting each event.

Name Requirements Items needed Location Bonus XP reward
Zamorakian cultists Zamorakian statuette
Zamorakian Statuette Location
Lumbridge Catacombs, south of the Church, in the graveyard. Go down 2 flights of stairs to find the Zamorakian Statuette.
Void Knights Void knight seal
Festival of the Dead Void seal location
Near the Pest Control boats south on Pest Control Island.
Drunken Dwarf Beer and kebab
Festival of the Dead BeerKebab location
Outside the entrance to Troll Stronghold.
Fight Pit warriors Firecapezorz's cape
Festival of the Dead Firecape Location
Near the entrance of the Fight Pits. Teleporting to the Fight Pits via the TokKul-Zo takes you directly to it.
Duradel Duradel's claws
Duradel location
Upstairs in his hut in Shilo Village, next to Lapalok.

In addition to the bonus Prayer experience, players also receive a Skull mask after the completion of any one of these tasks, assuming they do not already own one. If destroyed, it may be retrieved from Diango in Draynor Village. It can also be stored in a Toy box in a player-owned house. Clay skulls or additional flowers of the dead, while obtainable from the crate at any time during the event, may not be banked, stored, or traded.


Zamorakian Cultists

Zamorakian cultist celebration
Attending are:

Void Knights

Void knight celebration

Attending are:

Drunken Dwarf

Drunken dwarf celebration
Attending are:
  • Father Joakim
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Woman
  • Man
  • Drunken Dwarf
  • Player character

Fight Pit warriors

Fight pit warriors celebration
Attending are:

The second Woman and Man do not dance.


Attending Duradel's ceremony are:




  • The teaser picture shows the event in Burthorpe, east of the Altar of Guthix.
  • The Player spoof Cow1337killr that appears during the Fight Pit Warriors cutscene is previously seen in the quest Animal Magnetism.
  • The event coincides with the real-world Festival of the Dead.
  • If you killed Caitlin and Kayle in the quest The Blood Pact, they do not appear when you celebrate the death of Reese. Instead, you get dialogue choosing whether you are glad you killed them, or if you regret killing them.
  • In an unannounced update, the Festival of the Dead area and Father Joakim were removed from their other location in Burthorpe (near the church in South-East Burthorpe). He still resides near Lumbridge Cemetery towards the Lumbridge Swamp.