Filliman Tarlock chathead

Filliman is the main character in the Nature Spirit quest. He lives in the Nature Grotto in Mort Myre Swamp, where an altar to Guthix can be found. This altar gives any player a bonus of 20 in their prayer points (e.g. 470/450 prayer points). With the release of summoning there is also a summoning obelisk for creating summoning pouches, and a wishing well where you can buy summoning supplies.

The most efficient way to get to him is to hug the western coast of the swamp whilst travelling south, running all the way.

After Nature Spirit, if players encounter him as an NPC by other players doing the quest, he cannot be spoken to, even with a ghostspeak amulet. A message appears saying "This spirit seems too ethereal to communicate with." unless a player is doing the Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains; Filliman's help is required to enchant magic secateurs to defeat Tanglefoot with.

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