Fire Strike
Fire Strike icon
Release date 24 May 2001 (Update)
Members No
Level Magic 13
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat

Fire weakness icon Fire

Damage 124
Runes 1Fire rune1Air rune
Fire strike
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Fire Strike, a free-to-play magic spell, is the weakest fire spell in the standard spellbook. This spell requires one Fire rune and one Air rune to cast. The base damage of this spell is 124, and it scales up to 326 at 34 Magic.

This is one of the few attack methods that can damage Salarin the Twisted.


1Air rune1Fire rune95
Combo runes
1Fire rune1Dust rune749
1Air rune1Lava rune708
1Smoke rune816
1Air rune1Steam rune640
1Fire rune1Mist rune575
1Fire runeStaff of air69
1Air runeStaff of fire26
1Air runeSteam battlestaff26
Elemental battlestaff0
1Air runeMystical staff (75)26
1Air runeLava battlestaff26
1Fire runeAvernic wandTome of frost69

When using a Staff of light, the average cost is 22.75.


This spell was discovered by an ancient human named Jack, who is also the Magic Guild's founder.

The spell was discovered by hitting an air rune with a fire rune together (while the same runes are also the requirements to do this spell).