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Fire Warrior of Lesarkus chathead

The Fire Warrior of Lesarkus is a temple guardian encountered while exploring during the Temple of Ikov quest. He guards a door leading to Winelda the witch.

When a player attempts to open the door, the Fire Warrior will appear and demand to know their identity. If the player chooses to identify himself or herself as a humble pilgrim, he will comment that no pilgrims have been to the temple for thousands of years, and will tell the player that the temple is closed. Otherwise, if the player instead states that they are a mighty hero, he will become enraged and attack.

He is level 77, and due to being a creature of pure fire, he can only be defeated with ice arrows that are collected in an earlier part of the temple. He uses fire-based magic attacks. If the player takes too long to kill him, he will simply disappear and the player will have to make him appear again.


  • His name was changed to Lesarkus the Fire Warrior in the transition from Runescape Classic to RuneScape 2, but Jagex changed his name back to Fire Warrior of Lesarkus later on with a hidden update.
  • During the RuneFest 2016 Lore Q&A, it was revealed that Lesarkus is the name of one of the Teragardian Magisters.[1]


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