Bronze fire arrows (unlit) detail
Bronze fire arrows (lit) detail

Fire arrows are used to access the underground pass starting with the Underground Pass quest, in order to burn down the ropes holding up a bridge allowing one into the pass maze proper.

Types of fire arrows

All metals that can smith arrowheads can be a base arrow to make a fire arrow. The different types of fire arrows are:

You cannot use:


Fire arrows inflict the same damage as untreated arrows.


Fire arrows are created by using a damp cloth on most untreated arrows, then by using them on a tinderbox or any fire. There is a perpetual fire in the Underground Pass near Koftik for ease of access.


Fire arrows are generally only used to access the underground pass. Sales of fire arrows generally are near non-existent because they give no more damage than their untreated counterparts and thus take so much more time to make with no extra benefits.

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