Fire breathing solution detail

Fire breathing solution is an item in the Treasure Hunter promotion, Celebration of Fire. It will grant XP in Herblore (equal to a Small XP lamp) and Firemaking (half of a Small XP lamp). Sera (while in the crater) will give the player one solution. This cannot be banked.

If you try to use a solution while already breathing fire the player will receive the message "You can't fit more than one vial's worth of solution in your mouth while you're already firebreathing! That's just disgusting!"

Using the solution results in the message As you identify the solution and display such grace in your firebreathing, you increase your knowledge of Herblore and Firemaking. You receive <XP> Herblore XP and <XP> Firemaking XP.

After breathing with the last solution in inventory, the following message is seen: You finish breathing fire.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Big event mystery boxN/A1Uncommon
Event mystery boxN/A1Unknown
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