For the Magic spells, see fire spells.
For the special move of the Spirit Tz-Kih, see Fireball assault scroll.
Release date 30 April 2012 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Runespan
Examine Pure fire energy.
Fireball icon

Fireballs are an elemental node in the Runespan that allows players to draw fire runes from it. They are found on all floors. It requires level 14 Runecrafting and gives experience in cycles of 34.8 experience each, though occasionally will also give 2 experience when a failed siphon is performed. With this experience rate, the Fireball becomes the 2nd best node to siphon from, with the Fleshy growth being the best, and the Vine following closely in 3rd place.

Unlike creatures, players do not receive any rune essence when a node is depleted of its energy.


Image Rune Type Point value
Fire rune (Runespan)
Fire rune 0.5


  • A permanent but non-interactive version, simply called "Fire", could be found on an experiment plinth on the first floor of the Wizards' Tower along with similarly non-interactive versions of chaotic cloud, rock fragment, cyclone, shifter and nebula.
  • Very rarely, a Fireball sprite will appear, but you can only tell that it is there by the emblem on the ground. You can syphon it normally. This glitch has yet to be fixed.
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