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Firecapezorz chathead

Firecapezorz is a player spoof involved in The Elder Kiln. He fights in the TzHaar Fight Pits to kill several Ga'als. When starting the pit, Firecapezorz will instantly attack TzHaar-Ket (Hardened) or TzHaar-Xil (Hardened). Most players will not need to fight Firecapezorz as he is normally killed by the hardened monsters.

He appears to be wielding an abyssal vine whip, an amulet of fury, a Torag's platebody, Torag's platelegs, a fire cape, a dragon defender, dragon boots, Culinaromancer's gloves 10, and a helm of neitiznot.

He was one of the deceased celebrated during the Festival of the Dead, with his cape being used as a memorial item. His memorial was attended by Cow1337killr. He and LolthenKILL were always fighting, to the point that Cow1337killr thought that was all they did.[1]


  • Despite the model of the dragon defender being updated, it is glitched and can only be seen from certain angles.


  1. ^ Cow1337killr, "Festival of the Dead", RuneScape. "Lolthenkill and Firecapezorz were always fighting. I don't think they ever did anything else!"
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