Fires Are Mostly Harmless is an achievement that requires the player to light the campfire on Mos Le'Harmless (near fairy ring dip) using 8 willow logs and finding the herb cache in the south-eastern section of the Gu'Tanoth cave (fairy ring alp) after completion of Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift.

Lit the campfire on Mos Le'Harmless.
Looted the herb cache in the Gu'Tanoth cave.

Mos Le'Harmless

With 85 Firemaking and 8 willow logs, you can make an eternal fire in the spent campfire site on the island near Mos Le'Harmless (fairy ring DIP). You'll receive 10,000 Firemaking experience for making the fire. Temporary boosts cannot be used to help you reach the required firemaking level.

You can unlock an entrance to Mos Le'Harmless. This requires 8 normal planks, 16 nails of any type, and a hammer. Use the fairy rings to go to the islands near Mos Le'Harmless. Go to the first bridge and use a plank on the broken part of the bridge. It is repaired, using four planks and eight nails.

The other bridge must be repaired from the Mos Le'Harmless side. Go to Mos Le'Harmless, south of the Cave Horror's cave, use the portal to get on the bridge, and then use a plank on the broken part of the bridge. The second bridge will be repaired, using up four planks and eight nails.

Herb cache

With 85 Herblore, you can find a cache of herbs and herb seeds searching the mushrooms in the south-eastern section of the Gu'tanoth cave (fairy ring ALP). A temporary boost cannot be used.

The herbs are:

  • 7 ranarr
  • 7 cadantine
  • 7 dwarf weed
  • 2 ranarr seeds
  • 2 dwarf weed seeds
  • 3 cadantine seeds

This reward totals 110,516. Requires 24 free inventory slots. The proper cave has no monsters inhabiting it.

You can also unlock a shortcut to the area south of Jiggig. This may require a Mining level. Take a Pickaxe and clear the pile of rocks to the north of the ring. This opens a tunnel to the surface.

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