First Battle of the Salve
Paterdomus Entrance
The Temple Paterdomus, erected after the battle.
Misthalin - Morytania War
Approx. 1200, Fourth Age
River Salve, east of Silvarea
Decisive Misthalanian victory, blessing of the River Salve
Misthalin military Vampyre forces
Seven Priestly Warriors, The Five Princes of Misthalin Lord Lowerniel Drakan
Unknown amount of human troops Unknown amount of vampyre troops
High, three of the four princes Low
Previous battle
Next battle
Sanguinesti Liberation War

The First Battle of the Salve was the final battle of the Misthalin - Morytania War, that had lasted a century. During the battle, the forces of Misthalin were finally able to push back Drakan's vampyres to beyond the Salve, although the princes of the Misthalin Bran, Hywell and Henry died in the attempt while the fourth, Tenebra, was taken hostage but presumed dead. Only their youngest brother returned and eventually became King of Misthalin.

When most of the forces had been pushed back, the Seven Priestly Warriors blessed the river in Saradomin's name, thus creating a holy barrier impenetrable by evil forces, trapping the denizens of Morytania inside their own lands. The temple of Paterdomus was erected at the site in their honour and they were entombed there, with the exception of Ivandis Seergaze. Four statues were erected in the fountain on Varrock Square in honour of the four fallen princes.

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