Fishbowl (orange fish) pet
Fishbowl (green fish) Fishbowl (blue fish) Fishbowl (orange fish)
Release date 24 October 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Fish
Source Catherby Fishing shop or Squeal of Fortune
Interface No
Food Fish food
Colour variations 3
Examine A fishbowl with a tiny greenfish / bluefish / spinefish in it.

A pet fish may be obtained from Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby, by using a tiny net to fish in one of aquarium fishing spots inside the shop. For a player to be able to fish in the aquarium it is necessary for them to have a fishbowl containing water and seaweed in their inventory. Catching a pet fish gives 1 Fishing experience. Pet fish eat fish food. A box of fish food can be found on the second floor of Draynor Manor. Players can also make fish food by adding ground guam and ground seaweed to an empty fish food box.


There are three different types of pet fish, each with a different probability of being caught.[1] It is possible to own multiple types of pet fish at the same time and to have more than one fish of the same colour. It is not necessary to store a pet fish in a player-owned house menagerie to fish for additional pet fish.

Type Inventory icon Pet
Fishbowl (blue fish)
Fishbowl (blue fish) pet
Fishbowl (green fish)
Fishbowl (green fish) pet
Fishbowl (orange fish)
Fishbowl (orange fish) pet
  1. ^ In an experiment conducted where 100 fishbowls were filled, 38 bluefish, 38 greenfish, and 24 spinefish were caught. A separate experiment, conducted in February 2015 with 200 fishbowls, yielded 86 bluefish, 76 greenfish, and 38 spinefish.


Players can interact with their pet fish in a number of ways with the following results.

Pet fish right click options

Players can talk to the pet fish, play with it, or feed it


  • Good fish. Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming...
  • The fish swims. It is clearly an obedient fish.


  • (If the character is female): "Jump! 'Cmon boy, Jump!"; (If the character is male): "Jump! 'Cmon girl, Jump!".
  • The fish bumps into the side of the fishbowl. Then it swims some more.
  • Good fish...


  • If you drop your fishbowl it will break!
  • Drop it regardless / Keep hold


  • "Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming..." is a reference to Dory from Finding Nemo.
  • If any item except fish food is used on the pet fish you get the message "Your fish looks at you strangely. You get the feeling this will not work."
  • Fish can be put in the menagerie of a player-owned house. However, you will only be able to interact by talking to it.
  • You can return your pet fish to the shop in Catherby by using the fishbowl on the aquarium. Doing so will leave you with an empty fishbowl.
  • A spinefish or a bluefish in a fishbowl could be obtained as a prize from the Squeal of Fortune during the The Squeal of Neptune promotion.
  • The fishbowl can be 'played with' while inside the bank interface. This would cause your currently equipped main hand item to briefly appear in the bank in front of the fishbowl, but it is not actually unequipped.
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