This article is about the NPC involved with Fish Flingers. For other fishermen, see Fisherman.
Fisherman (Fish Flingers) chathead

A Fisherman is one of many NPCs who runs the Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion. When talked to, a Fisherman will provide information about Fish Flingers and can also teleport players to Isla Anglerine, where the competitions take place. They also sell the Tackle boxes and the Fishing Outfit, both on the Isla Anglerine and the other places they are standing permanently.

They can be found all over Gielinor next to the D&D icon D&D map icon, a complete list of locations can be found below.

You can enter a competition by talking to a Fisherman every 20 minutes, the fisherman will offer to teleport you to the Isla Anglerine from 5 minutes before the start of a competition. Games will last 10 minutes, with a time of 10 minutes between each game.



  • The fisherman at Burgh de Rott was eaten by a big fish according to Mod Stu.
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