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Fishing Tutor was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
This article is about the fishing tutor that was in Lumbridge. For the fishing tutor in Troll Warzone, see Nicholas Angle.
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Finlay the fishing tutor was a non-player character who was one of several tutors and guides in the game. The fishing tutor no longer exists, he was deleted with the Advisors and Objectives update in September 2009.

During Learning the Ropes, players used to be able to find Finlay behind Lumbridge church. Later, he was found just south of Lumbridge, and was marked on the world map and minimap with the Tutor icon (Guide map icon). Players used to be able to find near Finlay a small fishing net lying on the ground. He used to hand players a crayfish cage if they did not have one in their inventory or bank. He also provided Fishing advice to any player. Finlay gave jobs that consist of collecting raw and cooked fish, metal bars, and cowhides. The fishing tutor is no longer found at Lumbridge Swamp.

List of Jobs

Fish (22-25)

Bars (12-13)

Logs (22-25)

Miscellaneous (22-27)


Fishing tutor
  • Apart for the colour of his hat and trousers, he looks identical to Stiles.
  • Players may still have task lists received from people across RuneScape including the Fishing Tutor.
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