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Fist of Guthix tokens are awarded to players for playing a game of Fist of Guthix. Winning players are awarded anywhere from 2 to 25+ Fist of Guthix tokens, while losing players are awarded 1 token, or none if the player forfeits. The tokens can be spent at the Fist of Guthix Reward shop, either to buy new equipment, or to recharge fully degraded equipment.

Fist of Guthix tokens, along with the Runecrafting guild tokens, Dungeoneering tokens, and Respect (Artisans Workshop) are the only currencies other than coins that free players can use.

The rewards claimable with these tokens are used only for claiming rewards in the Fist of Guthix minigame. The gloves at the store (runecrafting gloves, fishing gloves, etc.) can help a player in certain skills. Combat-related items degrade gradually. They can be recharged again by paying Reggie Fist of Guthix tokens. The items that do not affect combat (runecrafting gloves, fishing gloves etc.) cannot be recharged and will simply disappear.

As of 10 August 2015, tokens are stored in the reward shop and currency pouch as a virtual currency; existing physical tokens can be converted using a "Convert" option. These cannot be used to purchase any rewards in their physical form.

Approximate value on selling token rewards

Below is a table showing the approximate value per token when using Fist of Guthix to earn money. All the values are calculated by buying the reward and then uncharging them (if available) and selling them at current market price.

Item GE Price Tokens Price per token Recharge price
Druidic mage robes
Druidic mage hood 100.png Druidic mage hood 5,760 100 57.6 10
Druidic mage top 100.png Druidic mage top 67,707 300 225.69 30
Druidic mage bottom 100.png Druidic mage bottom 63,296 200 316.48 20
Combat robes
Combat hood 100.png Combat hood 2,368 50 47.36 5
Combat robe top 100.png Combat robe top 42,864 150 285.76 15
Combat robe bottom 100.png Combat robe bottom 18,560 100 185.6 10
Battle robes
Battle hood 100.png Battle hood 474,983 250 1,899.93 25
Battle robe top 100.png Battle robe top 4,871,774 1500 3,247.85 150
Battle robe bottom 100.png Battle robe bottom 3,000,213 1000 3,000.21 100
Spikeshields and Berserker shields
Adamant spikeshield.png Adamant spikeshield 5,805 50 116.1 5
Adamant berserker shield.png Adamant berserker shield 23,997 100 239.97 10
Rune spikeshield.png Rune spikeshield 58,531 200 292.65 20
Rune berserker shield.png Rune berserker shield 49,778 300 165.93 30