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Near the end of the Recipe for Disaster quest, (Defeating the Culinaromancer), players will fight six bosses in a row (although bank trips are allowed). Flambeed is the second boss, and is made of giant hot cakes. Players will need to wear ice gloves while fighting him, or else they will not be able to wield a weapon. He is a reincarnation of Fareed and can be defeated accordingly.

Strengths and weaknesses

Flambeed is weak to any water spell, melee attacks (though ice gloves are required) and ice arrows. He uses melee attacks and magic, so players should bring food since prayer is not allowed. If you do ranged, you do not need to bring ice gloves to wield bow, however, when he attacks you, it will be unequipped, so try to find a safe spot along the edge such as trapping him behind the portal.

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