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The Flames of Zamorak spell was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Flames of Zamorak
Flames of Zamorak icon
Release date 22 September 2003 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 60
Spellbook Normal
Type Combat
Experience 35
Runes 4 Fire
1 Air
2 Blood
Quest Mage Arena
Flames of Zamorak
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Flames of Zamorak was a spell requiring 60 Magic to cast and could do a maximum of 300 life points per spell in combination with a charge spell (requiring a Zamorak cape). This spell, along with the other god spells, was replaced by Divine Storm.

Flames of Zamorak lowered the target's Magic level by 5 after a successful cast. Players had to complete the Mage Arena activity and be wielding a Zamorak staff to use this spell. One can get the Zamorak cape free in the Mage Arena if they choose to pray to Zamorak. Contrary to popular belief, Flames of Zamorak did not hit any harder than the other god spells. However, it was one of the highest hitting spells in the regular spellbook. Since this spell required a god staff, players could not use another staff that gave unlimited amounts of runes.

The maximum damage started at 200 and increased to 300 life points with the Charge spell in effect, a tie with Ice Barrage without a staff. If using an extreme magic potion, the maximum damage increased to 360 life points (with Charge) or 280 (without Charge).

With the introduction of Legacy Mode, this spell was reworked and returned as the special attack for the Zamorak staff. It lowers the opponent's magic level by 5% and requires no runes, instead using adrenaline.


1Air rune4Fire rune2Blood rune2,082
Combo runes
4Fire rune2Blood rune1Dust rune2,977
1Air rune2Blood rune4Lava rune5,310
2Blood rune4Smoke rune5,400
1Air rune2Blood rune4Steam rune5,442
4Fire rune2Blood rune1Mist rune3,155
4Fire rune2Blood runeStaff of air1,992
1Air rune2Blood runeStaff of fire1,446
1Air rune2Blood runeSteam battlestaff1,446
2Blood runeElemental battlestaff1,356
1Air rune2Blood runeMystical staff (75)1,446
1Air rune2Blood runeLava battlestaff1,446
4Fire rune2Blood runeAvernic wandTome of frost1,992


  • Before a fix on 10 January 2007, the Magic level of the target would remain unchanged if the target's Magic level was above or below the normal level (such as after using a Magic potion).
  • Before the 10 December updates, Flames of Zamorak was quite popular while staking in the Duel Arena in Magic-only duels, as it could lower the opponents Magic level by 5. This would disable the opponents ability to cast spells that are less than 5 levels below their normal Magic level, thus sometimes handing the duel over to the person casting Flames of Zamorak.
  • In an update on 2 September 2009, this spell, along with Saradomin Strike, could be autocast.


  • During Wanted!, the mad-mage Solus Dellagar can hit up to 960 life points with this spell (depending on the player's maximum health), but can never kill the player as Savant uses her powers to defend the player. Prayer does not affect the damage from the spell.
  • When trying to bare handedly steal the wine of Zamorak, the spell will be used on, and will slightly damage the player; it is believed that the spell is used by the monks, or Zamorak himself.
  • Distance was not a factor in the delay when casting this spell. The damage would be applied almost instantly, so when cast at the same time from a distance as an enemy casting a spell like Ice Barrage, Flames of Zamorak would hit first.
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