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Mahogany bookcase (flatpack) detail

Flatpack items are items of furniture built with the Construction skill, and are made at at workbench in a player-owned house. The basic wooden workbench can make any flatpack item level 1 to 20, and higher tier benches can be used for increasingly higher-levelled flatpacks, with the highest level workbench, a bench with lathe, able to make any flatpack item.

Flatpacks, which are tradeable and can be sold on the Grand Exchange, allow players who do not have the Construction level necessary to buy pre-built versions of furniture and build them in a hotspot of their player-owned house. However, no experience is received when using the flatpack on the hotspot.


Making flatpacks

A player making flatpack furniture

Flatpack items can be constructed at a workbench in a workshop. A hammer and a saw are needed in the inventory or tool belt to build flatpack items, which are always built un-noted. At the workbench, the same amount of materials is used to construct the item as if it were actually built in the hotspot of a player-owned house.

Making flatpack items can be more efficient than building actual furniture in a hotspot, as there is no need to enter building mode or remove the furniture from the hotspot afterwards.

While they are tradeable, there is not much traffic in flatpack items, and they do not sell for much at general stores. The exception to this is mahogany flatpacks, which with the release of Invention are now a popular source of simple parts, used in the manufacture of charge packs.

The flatpack depacker device allows players to note or dissassemble up to 60 flatpack items, which dramatically reduces the banking time and trips for servants. They are also useful when building with protean planks.

Selling to Miscellania

Miscellania Castle

Miscellania Castle's exterior

After all Hard Fremennik Tasks have been completed, Advisor Ghrim, on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of Miscellania Castle, will buy your flatpacks and deposit the money into your kingdom's treasury. Ghrim will not accept noted flatpacks so this option is less useful than it first appears, as you may have to make multiple trips to a bank to exercise this option.

The nearest bank is on the north-east end of Etceteria. However, the ring of wealth allows players to teleport directly into Miscellania Castle's throne room very close to Advisor Ghrim. Players can teleport to Ghrim, give him the flatpacks, teleport to a bank with any method and withdraw more flatpacks, and repeat.

The prices Advisor Ghrim pays for each flatpack is based on the materials required to make the flatpack. This table shows the price for each of the materials used in the flatpacks. The prices will be rounded to the nearest integer when there are decimals involved.

Material Price
Plank and nails 19.5
Oak plank 28
Teak plank 56.25
Mahogany plank 168.75
Steel bar 11.5
Any kind of beer 0.25
Bolt of cloth 73
Molten glass 0
Clockwork 11
Gold leaf ~12,750
(varies per item)
Marble block 32,500
Magic stone 97,500

Flatpack items


Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Crude wooden chair icon
Crude wooden chair (flatpack)
Crude wooden chair 1 23 39
Wooden chair icon
Wooden chair (flatpack)
Wooden chair 8 52 59
Rocking chair icon
Rocking chair (flatpack)
Rocking chair 14 20 59
Oak chair icon
Oak chair (flatpack)
Oak chair 19 12 56
Oak armchair icon
Oak armchair (flatpack)
Oak armchair 26 13 84
Teak armchair icon
Teak armchair (flatpack)
Teak armchair 35 51 113
Mahogany armchair icon
Mahogany armchair (flatpack)
Mahogany armchair 50 108 338


Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Wooden bookcase icon
Wooden bookcase (flatpack)
Wooden bookcase 4 3 78
Oak bookcase icon
Oak bookcase (flatpack)
Oak bookcase 29 20 84
Mahogany bookcase icon
Mahogany bookcase (flatpack)
Mahogany bookcase 40 127 506

Beer barrels

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Beer barrel icon
Beer barrel (flatpack)
Beer barrel 7 5 59
Cider barrel icon
Cider barrel (flatpack)
Cider barrel 12 11,967 61
Asgarnian ale (barrel) icon
Asgarnian ale (barrel) (flatpack)
Asgarnian ale (barrel) 18 3,782 86
Greenman's ale (barrel) icon
Greenman's ale (barrel) (flatpack)
Greenman's ale (barrel) 26 3,304 86
Dragon bitter (barrel) icon
Dragon bitter (barrel) (flatpack)
Dragon bitter (barrel) 36 10,420 109
Chef's delight (barrel) icon
Chef's delight (barrel) (flatpack)
Chef's delight (barrel) 48 39,042 109

Kitchen tables

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Wood kitchen table icon
Wood kitchen table (flatpack)
Wood kitchen table 12 4 59
Oak kitchen table icon
Oak kitchen table (flatpack)
Oak kitchen table 32 9 84
Teak kitchen table icon
Teak kitchen table (flatpack)
Teak kitchen table 52 13 169

Dining tables

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Wood dining table icon
Wood dining table (flatpack)
Wood dining table 10 3 78
Oak dining table icon
Oak dining table (flatpack)
Oak dining table 22 7 112
Carved oak table icon
Carved oak table (flatpack)
Carved oak table 31 14 168
Teak table icon
Teak table (flatpack)
Teak table 38 9 225
Carved teak table icon
Carved teak table (flatpack)
Carved teak table 45 295 630
Mahogany table icon
Mahogany table (flatpack)
Mahogany table 52 163 1013
Opulent table icon
Opulent table (flatpack)
Opulent table 72 387,999 117,522

Dining benches

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Wooden bench icon
Wooden bench (flatpack)
Wooden bench 10 10 78
Oak bench icon
Oak bench (flatpack)
Oak bench 22 84 112
Carved oak bench icon
Carved oak bench (flatpack)
Carved oak bench 31 11 112
Teak dining bench icon
Teak dining bench (flatpack)
Teak dining bench 38 12 225
Carved teak bench icon
Carved teak bench (flatpack)
Carved teak bench 44 18 225
Mahogany bench icon
Mahogany bench (flatpack)
Mahogany bench 52 187 675
Gilded bench icon
Gilded bench (flatpack)
Gilded bench 61 60,773 52,270


Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Wooden bed icon
Wooden bed (flatpack)
Wooden bed 20 1,454 205
Oak bed icon
Oak bed (flatpack)
Oak bed 30 1,359 230
Large oak bed icon
Large oak bed (flatpack)
Large oak bed 34 934 286
Teak bed icon
Teak bed (flatpack)
Teak bed 40 820 315
Large teak bed icon
Large teak bed (flatpack)
Large teak bed 45 1,237 427
4-poster icon
4-poster (flatpack)
4-poster 53 774 652
Gilded 4-poster icon
Gilded 4-poster (flatpack)
Gilded 4-poster 60 205,086 26,394


Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Shaving stand icon
Shaving stand (flatpack)
Shaving stand 21 483 20
Oak shaving stand icon
Oak shaving stand (flatpack)
Oak shaving stand 29 385 28
Oak dresser icon
Oak dresser (flatpack)
Oak dresser 37 122 56
Teak dresser icon
Teak dresser (flatpack)
Teak dresser 46 312 113
Fancy teak dresser icon
Fancy teak dresser (flatpack)
Fancy teak dresser 56 304 113
Mahogany dresser icon
Mahogany dresser (flatpack)
Mahogany dresser 64 366 338
Gilded dresser icon
Gilded dresser (flatpack)
Gilded dresser 74 117,541 13,125


Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Shoe box icon
Shoe box (flatpack)
Shoe box 20 9 39
Oak drawers icon
Oak drawers (flatpack)
Oak drawers 27 16 56
Oak wardrobe icon
Oak wardrobe (flatpack)
Oak wardrobe 39 10 84
Teak drawers icon
Teak drawers (flatpack)
Teak drawers 51 64 113
Teak wardrobe icon
Teak wardrobe (flatpack)
Teak wardrobe 63 17 169
Mahogany wardrobe icon
Mahogany wardrobe (flatpack)
Mahogany wardrobe 75 411 506
Gilded wardrobe icon
Gilded wardrobe (flatpack)
Gilded wardrobe 87 95,577 13,203


Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak clock icon
Oak clock (flatpack)
Oak clock 25 235 67
Teak clock icon
Teak clock (flatpack)
Teak clock 55 510 124
Gilded clock icon
Gilded clock (flatpack)
Gilded clock 85 121,462 13,140

Cape racks

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak cape rack icon
Oak cape rack (flatpack)
Oak cape rack 54 15 112
Teak cape rack icon
Teak cape rack (flatpack)
Teak cape rack 63 25 225
Mahogany cape rack icon
Mahogany cape rack (flatpack)
Mahogany cape rack 72 223 675
Gilded cape rack icon
Gilded cape rack (flatpack)
Gilded cape rack 81 96,796 13,270
Marble cape rack icon
Marble cape rack (flatpack)
Marble cape rack 90 287,495 32,500
Magical cape rack icon
Magical cape rack (flatpack)
Magical cape rack 99 916,987 97,500

Magic wardrobes

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak magic wardrobe icon
Oak magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Oak magic wardrobe 42 45 112
Carved oak magic wardrobe icon
Carved oak magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Carved oak magic wardrobe 51 13 168
Teak magic wardrobe icon
Teak magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Teak magic wardrobe 60 16 225
Carved teak magic wardrobe icon
Carved teak magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Carved teak magic wardrobe 69 61 338
Mahogany magic wardrobe icon
Mahogany magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Mahogany magic wardrobe 78 321 675
Gilded magic wardrobe icon
Gilded magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Gilded magic wardrobe 87 45,452 13,270
Marble magic wardrobe icon
Marble magic wardrobe (flatpack)
Marble magic wardrobe 96 129,662 32,500

Armour cases

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak armour case icon
Oak armour case (flatpack)
Oak armour case 46 11 84
Teak armour case icon
Teak armour case (flatpack)
Teak armour case 64 18 169
Mahogany armour case icon
Mahogany armour case (flatpack)
Mahogany armour case 82 439 506

Treasure trail chests

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak treasure chest icon
Oak treasure chest (flatpack)
Oak treasure chest 48 13 56
Teak treasure chest icon
Teak treasure chest (flatpack)
Teak treasure chest 66 85 113
Mahogany treasure chest icon
Mahogany treasure chest (flatpack)
Mahogany treasure chest 84 133 338

Fancy dress boxes

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak fancy dress box icon
Oak fancy dress box (flatpack)
Oak fancy dress box 44 24 56
Teak fancy dress box icon
Teak fancy dress box (flatpack)
Teak fancy dress box 62 50 113
Mahogany fancy dress box icon
Mahogany fancy dress box (flatpack)
Mahogany fancy dress box 80 625 338

Toy boxes

Icon Flatpack Item Level GE Price Miscellania Price
Oak toy box icon
Oak toy box (flatpack)
Oak toy box 50 12 56
Teak toy box icon
Teak toy box (flatpack)
Teak toy box 68 25 113
Mahogany toy box icon
Mahogany toy box (flatpack)
Mahogany toy box 86 639 338

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